1. I hired Ms. Geloo about two years ago for a traffic incident and she represented me with professionalism and excellent communication. The outcome she was able to effect was much better than I could have achieved without an attorney and indeed even better than I would have expected with such a masterful attorney. I highly recommend her legal services.

    1. Andi Geloo is an excellent attorney who will get as much as possible for you. She is courteous, professional and tells the truth which is often not the case w/attorneys. She also uses every method at her disposal which makes a difference in how the prosecutors and judges view her, all to the client’s benefit. I highly recommend her.

    2. Andi Geloo handled an issue for me recently and I feel compelled to comment. She was the consummate professional: well-prepared, efficient, effective. I would not hesitate to call on her again should I need advice and guidance and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking top-notch legal representation.

    3. Andi represented me this week for a reckless driving charge. I had been told she was the best attorney in Northern Virginia for these type matters and I can cofirm that feedback seems absolutely right. From our intial contact throughout the process, her advice and counsel, especially including my court date and final resolution, she was extremely professional, personable, sincere, and simply spectacular. I would and will ask her to represent me anytime I have issues in the future and recommend her to everyone I care about and associate with. As others say below, Andi is one of those exceptional people and professionals we all get to sometimes meet and work with in our lives. Thank you Andi for being who you are.

    4. I was coming home from a vacation in VA and was stopped for speeding. Didn’t know in VA if you go above 80 that’s considered a crime. Hired Andi and she was awesome. Was always available through text, email, and I even became her friend on FB. The day before court she called me and said she would take care of me like her own brother and she did. I am soooo thankful for her service.

    5. Andi is a fantastic lawyer. I had a reckless driving charge of 89 in a 70. I had plus 4 on my license at the time. She told me what I needed to do to prepare for court, and got all the charges dropped. I paid only a $96 court fee. Andi is the lawyer for you!

    6. The Arlington County General District court and Arlington County Law Enforcement have degenerated into a perverse and autocratic state. If you doubt it, visit traffic court and observe the proceedings for 30 minutes. You will likely be disgusted by the sanctimoniousness and arbitrariness of the judge and law enforcement officers; you’ll also likely conclude, as I did, that justice MUST be purchased in Arlington County.

      If you find yourself facing jail time because you were driving your vehicle 20mph over the posted speed limit, hire a lawyer. Don’t hire any lawyer, hire Andi Geloo. She will keep you out of jail, get your offense reduced to speeding, and your penalty reduced to a fine. The guy on the docket one position in front of me was in court for the same reason as me. He had a lawyer representing him who didn’t say a word on his behalf. The poor guy went to jail.

      Don’t go to jail for speeding. Don’t end up with a criminal record that can very easily ruin your life. Hire Andi. She will take care of you.

    7. Andi got my reckless ticket converted to a 3 point speeding infraction, yes! that is awesome. Andi is an amazing attorney. She is very kind and considerate, she gave me step by step instructions on what I need to do before I went to court, that made me feel confident and less nervous. She was there at the court an hour earlier and made sure that everything was taken care of. If you are looking to hire an attorney for reckless driving ticket, she is the best!

    8. Ms Geloo, from the offset, was reassuring with helping me maintain a determined and optimistic view during a traffic incident case which could have major implications on my future. All through out, she was never difficult to get a hold of, she gave details as to what I should do in the meanwhile, and she was very very endearing with no fear tactics. On the day of the case, she spoke with me in great detail on the process and what she would do in order to fight for my outcome. Low and behold, the outcome she achieved was far more than I could’ve ever hoped for on my own or with a less involved attorney. I would definitely seek out Ms Geloo for any legal advice I need again (hopefully I never do however). Not only did I feel like she was genuine, but she was diligent and that’s a very rare combination. Ms. Geloo is definitely the one to go to, and just like several sources recommended her to me, I would absolutely recommend her to any one else!!!

    9. I just recently utilized Ms. Geloo’s services and she was an excellent representative for me. She assured me that the outcome would go well and it did. She communicated well and she was very professional. I highly recommended her services.

    10. We hired Ms. Geloo to represent our daughter for a traffic incident. She was very professional, thorough, understanding and thoughtful. Most importantly, she was effective and the violation was suspended. I am grateful and would recommend her highly!

    11. I had received a Reckless driving ticket in a rural county by Roanoke, Va which had the possibility of fines, license suspension, and even jail time was a possibility. From my first contact with Andi, she put me at ease and explained the entire process in its entirety so I knew what to expect. During our trial, she watched how this small county courtroom operated and adapted her defense tactic to ultimately get my charges downgraded to a simple improper driving violation with a small fine. The local attorneys and the trooper who gave me the ticket were very impressed by her defense that they came up and congratulated her for her work. She is truly a miracle worker and your best friend and hope for an excellent outcome. I wholeheartedly recommend hiring Andi for your legal troubles.

    12. I hardly write reviews online wether it’s good or bad. However in this case i felt obligated to write this review to share my experience with Ms. Geloo. I had reckless driving in Manassas, VA for going 84/60, I contacted a number of lawyers there and luckily for me one of the lawyers recommended Ms. Geloo to me because he does not practice in that area. Little did i know that was the best recommendation i could ever ask for. Ms. Geloo professionalism, expertise and know how is second to none. She worked with me from the first time i contacted her until my court date while providing valuable information. She explained how the process worked and her plan of action which i showed me that she took the time to study and fully understand my case. She was able to get the six points criminal misdemeanor charge of reckless driving dismissed, which was an excellent outcome considering my case and passed tickets. Ms. Geloo is on top of her game and anybody looking for lawyer to represent you in Virginia i recommend hiring her and you will not regret it. Thank you Geloo again.

    13. Andi is the absolute best traffic attorney I could have hoped to hire. After being very concerned upon getting a reckless driving charge (50/25) Andi was referred to me.

      From the first call Andi was fantastic. She calmly walked me through the process step by step, told me exactly what to expect and what I needed to do to make sure that I got my desired result. Went to court and everything went exactly as she said it would, my charge got reduced, no loss of license and just a small fine!

      What I appreciated most about Andi was her honesty and coaching me through exactly what to expect. There were absolutely no surprises and if you follow her lead, she will get you the best result possible. I cannot recommend Andi enough! She is great!

    14. Here is my background: received two speeding tickets in the same year four years ago. One of them being a reckless driving charge that was reduced to a speeding ticket.

      I was so nervous when I got a ticket for a reckless driving ticket in Prince William County- an area where I am not from. I was not familiar with the court system here and was advised by my previous traffic attorney to contact Andi Geloo because she has knowledge in the area of where I got a ticket at.

      Do not hesitate to hire her. Not only did she got my reckless ticket out of my name, she reduced it to a non-criminal ticket of defective equipment. What the heck?! That’s the best possible outcome anybody could get. My realistic and hopeful outcome was to get it reduced to a speeding ticket but she was able to get it reduced to defective equipment. I really needed this outcome because I already have two previous speeding tickets four years ago and I could not risk getting a reckless charge because I hold a security clearance for my job.

      Whatever Andi tells you to do, do it. She’s the expert and you’re the one asking for her help to come save you. So whatever the amount of money or time you have to spend to get out of the ticket, Andi won’t waste any of your time and money. In return you will have a peace of mind. Trust the reviews. They’re facts. Andi has the best communication and will reply quick and she knows what she is doing- this is her expertise. If you need saving call Andi only. She’s going to go above and beyond your expectations. This is speaking from my experience of working with her. I am recommending her to anyone that gets a traffic/reckless ticket in northern virginia.

      Thank you so much Andi!!!! You’re the best and nothing less.

    15. I was referred to Ms Geloo, and I can’t tell you how glad I am to have connected with her. I had absolutely no experience dealing with traffic court issues, and she immediately provided great clarity, support, and advice. From the time I first spoke to her through the court date that produced the final outcome, Andi was always there. She not only cared about the result, but she cared about how to help me through the entire process, including how to deal with the unknowns that still had to be worked through. I would recommend Ms. Geloo without hesitation.

    16. I can not possibly overstate how fortunate I am that Andi Geloo came into my path when I was facing a reckless driving charge in Virginia. I was referred to her by a friend who looped us in an email together and Andi reached out to me immediately and often, making me feel very personally cared for and confident. I had thought I might represent myself but I heard from many people that it is truly an advantage to have counsel in a courtroom in VA. While this is true, all lawyers are not equal and I had the opportunity to observe that firsthand in the courtroom on the day of my hearing. Other lawyers ahead of me simply stood up when their clients were called and accepted the judge’s ruling with out any sign of preparation on their part and no defense at all for their clients.

      Andi had prepped my for my court date, had me complete a few proactive steps that distinguished me from the other cases before the judge that day and was the only lawyer in the room who opened their mouth to defend their client. After presenting her case, she asked for a dismissal of charges and that is what I got. I am still amazed.

      Beyond the care she provided as an attorney, Andi is simply a kind and attentive person. I feel I got to know her and I am so very glad she came into my path. Thank you, Andi!!!

  2. Andi Geloo is a truly kind hearted individual who actually cares and wants the best outcome possible…unlike most attorneys she’s willing to go to trial and does her homework…she’s great and wouldn’t recommend anyone better

  3. Andi rendered excellent service promptly, professionally and sympathetically for my son after he got into an accident and faced a serious driving charge. She worked with us and with the system very capably and everybody was satisfied with the outcome. She’s the first person I think of for help whenever trouble rears its ugly head. We are thankful and grateful to have met her.

  4. To anyone & everyone that reads this webpage blog & are in need of legal services, I URGE you to contact Ms. Geloo to represent you as your legal counsel… I can undoubtedly tell you that her services, passion for customer satisfaction, & favorable results, goes unparalleled to any other attorney I have ever dealt with in the region!… In my younger days, I had my fair share of traffic violations & every single time I called on Andi for her legal services, she came through for me with flying colors!… She is hands-down thee BEST attorney I have ever known!… Her attention to detail & shrewd negotiating skills rank her as number 1 in my book… She is extremely observant & knows how to play the cards that are being dealt… Once I had to go to traffic court in the City of Alexandria, & the judge seemed awfully nice & I made a comment to Andi that we might just win the case because the judge seemed to be a very friendly person, smiled at everyone, etc… Well, Andi schooled me that day & I never forgot her awareness of the situation & ever since, I have learned to actually listen to what people are doing/saying instead of basing my opinion on their demeanor… Andi said to me that day, “Yes, she is nice, but if you pay attention to the verdicts she is handing out, she is actually throwing the book at everyone!”… Being the shrewd person that she is, Andi decided that since my violation was arguably “on the fence” as to a positive outcome for me, she decided to actually speak to the issuing officer prior to my name being called to appear before the judge, & honestly, I am not exactly sure what was said in the conversation with the police officer in that hallway, but when we were called up in front of the judge, the officer actually withdrew the case so that the judge didn’t even have a chance to rule on the matter, ultimately forcing the judge to dismiss my case, & (of course) placing a HUGE smile on my face that day!!!… I have NEVER forgotten what Andi did for me that stressful day back in about 2007, & I have, ever since then, kept her on my speed-dial in case I’ve ever needed to call her… Unfortunately for her (but good for me), I have been traffic ticket free for years now & have not needed to call upon her services, but I surely learned a valuable lesson that day & have always remembered it, & for that, I am extremely thankful to Andi. These days, I am a busy business professional & do not have “free” time for much, so I almost never write/post this sort of thing on webpages & the such, but (like I said) I was SO incredibly thankful to Andi & I never forgot what she did for me that I felt that this was the least I could do to convey my sincerest gratitude. It is important to note that (as I said above) in my younger days, I had my fair share of traffic violations & also had to appear in Fairfax County Gen District court on a couple of occasions, & I wanted to make sure to mention that Andi Geloo shined bright for me in those instances as well… This, I feel is important to note because it is a testament to her consistency… In other words, the Alexandria City case/verdict was not just a “fluke”… I have come to her for help in the past on various occasions, & (each time) I have come to see the exact same level of care & attention to detail on each of my cases… She works hard, & plays hard, & got results for me every single time!… I would absolutely come back to Andi in a heartbeat if I needed those types of legal services again & encourage you to give her a call if you are in need of legal EXPERTISE… I highlight the word “expertise” because I truly feel that she IS an expert in what she does… I have had other attorneys represent me (before I met Andi &/or outside of Andi’s jurisdictions) & they do not hold a candle to Andi… Trust me, you will not be disappointed!… The services that Andi provides are absolutely outstanding & worth every single penny… THANK YOU, ANDI GELOO!!!… I will NEVER forget what you did for me!!!

  5. 2 years ago, I received my first and only reckless driving ticket. I assumed that it was just slightly more serious than a speeding ticket – I mean, it’s a ticket. A friend recommended that I do some research into the possible consequences of a conviction, and that’s when I discovered just how serious a reckless conviction can be. Just a couple of weeks before my trial, I started interviewing attorneys on the phone. Andi Geloo impressed me from the start. She seemed so sincere, honest and concerned. She didn’t try to fabricate a lot of excuses for me like the other attorneys – she simply used the truth to her advantage. The officer who issued the ticket was very hostile towards me and I was sure that I would end up with a huge fine, a lot of points on my license, maybe even jail time. Andi met with the officer and the prosecutor behind closed doors for a few minutes – I have no idea what she said, but I never even went before the judge. Andi took me straight to the court clerk’s office where I paid a $75 fine and walked away with a minor speeding infraction. Just recently, I recommended Andi to a family friend who had also received a reckless driving ticket. Andi provided my friend with the same professional, efficient care, and she also had her charges reduced to almost nothing. Andi – I can’t thank you enough for what you do. You are absolutely the best in the business!

  6. If you have had a legal encounter and interviewed different attorneys, many times you’ll find intimidation and manipulation tactics along with an immediate retainer request. Not with Andi. Andi treats you and your family with love and respect, truly fighting for you in a manner inspired by peace and supported with integrity and passion.

  7. I received a reckless driving ticket in April 2013 and the officer told me that I could not prepay it because it is a court summons. Ugh. Worst case scenario is jail-time and/or $2,500 fine!! Andi was recommended by another lawyer and she immediately impressed me — very responsive, smart, thorough, and honest (a lawyer who doesn’t lie? Wow!). Andi was able to negotiate my “criminal misdemeanor” ticket to a non-moving violation of “fail to pay time and attention” with zero points and a fine of $150!!! She is the best and I would recommend her to all my friends and colleagues!

  8. A few years ago, I received a reckless driving ticket (Speeding), and I was not concerned at first, then, a co-worker recommended that I get an attorney. He also gave me Andi’s card and told me that she would take good care of me. I called her, and was impressed with her demeanor and professionalism. She handled my case as if I was her only client. I knew I wasn’t, but, I got that impression. She was able to get the charges down to a simple speeding and I paid $150 fine and left court feeling good, but, also, feeling that I learned a good lesson. Since then, I have recommended Andi to three friends for various reasons, and they all thanked me because they also received the same professional service that she gave me. Thanks Andi!

  9. Ms Galoo started being my attorney and became my friend. A police officer wanted me to go jail because teenagers were drinking in my home. She was honest with me- promised nothing she couldn’t deliver and she allowed me choices and called in the services of others to leveridge help when it was necessary. It was was my first, only brush with the law and I was scared- my whole family was scared for me and Andy was to the rescue. She was my pitbull. Most of all she was patient, reassuring, and steadfast with us all.

    I am leaving town soon but I respect her and like her so much I had let her know what was happening in life and I was sad to bid her “goodbye”.

  10. If you are looking for someone to represent you, stop waisting your time and give Ms Andi a call. This lady is amazing. I asked her to represent me this past summer after I got stopped. She was fast to return my phone call and started giving me advice right away. After taking her advice and completing the few things she asked me to do, I could not have asked for a better outcome. Most of our communication was buy email as I was in Afghanistan at the time. She is super easy to work with and talk too. As the court date approached she reassured me many times that she had everything under control and not to worry about a thing. I have to say the day I showed up to court I was nervous but her reassurance had me totally at peace about everything. So when my turn came up, she did her thing and I was in and out just like that with, a better outcome than I ever expected. This lady is awesome. So after thanking her many times and telling her what a rockstar I though she was, I was off to pay my court fees. After paying an walking back down the hall I noticed her speaking to the other party of someone she was representing. Little Ms Geloo was going after them with both barrels. I thought that I was going to have to pull her off but she was an absolute professional about it. Needless to say I would hate to be on the other side of that conversation. She was protecting her client like a mother lion would protect her cubs. I was like wow, thats a bad lady. As a Marine, I really appreciated it. I can not say enough good things about her she is just one of those awesome people that the world needs a lot more of. I know she mentioned she liked the recies peanut-butter cups, so if you want to start off on the right foot, show up with some of those. After my court case, I wanted to send them everyday.

    Ms Andi, thank you for all that you did for me. You took something that I was pretty worried about and made it a non issue. You even gave me a discount for being a Marine. You are the definition of awesome rockstar. Thank you so much for everything, I cant say it enough.


  11. My boyfriend hired Andi for a Driving on Suspended (this being his 5th offense) and in the process Sean was so close to getting his license valid when he got this ticket…..we hired Andi and we both couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. We walked out of the court with a $300 fine when he was really looking at jail time!!! I would recommend Andi and any and everybody!! Andi, Sean and I still cannot thank you enough for the amazing work you did for us that day!

  12. I got referred to Andi by a friend. I was caught driving 57 mph in a 25 mph city zone (reckless driving) in the village of Great Falls, and Andi got it reduced to a speeding ticket. She told me exactly what to do to prepare for the court date, and was very accessible via email and by phone throughout, and answered numerous questions I had in great detail and with great patience. Thank you, Andi!

  13. What else can I say that everyone hasn’t already said! Andi is in my opinion the best attorney anyone could ask for during a stressful time. I got my only RD when I first moved here, and didn’t realize how serious Virginia takes it. After doing some research, I called Andi and knew from the phone call she was the right choice for representation. She frequently called me to inform me of any changes or updates. How many attorneys do that, or even return a phone call in the same day?? She is worth EVERY penny, my charge was reduced to a minor traffic violation, and the fine was close to nothing. I never even saw the judge, (Thank God!) To anyone reading this, Fauquier county does NOT mess around when it comes to speeding. Jail time is not out of the question, and the only judge in that small town is not so friendly. Andi was determined to help me get the best outcome, and she did! She really gets it, and (hope I don’t need her services again haha) but if I do, I have her office number on speed dial….. just incase 🙂 Andi, hope you see this and remember me, you got me through a tough time, and my record is still clean because of you!! Hope all is well!!
    -Shawn Armstrong

  14. Andi was referred to me by a friend when I received my first driving ticket ever…which ended up being a reckless driving. Of course like everyone else I was thinking that I’ll go to court… explain myself and get the situation taken care of. Needless to say, if Andi had not been there to represent me, I would have a reckless driving ticket on my record, and an extremely large fine to pay. The ticket was reduced and a had to pay a minor fine.The officer was not the least bit understanding and had no interest in hearing what I had to say. Andi is someone that you can trust, an amazing person and extremely talented. Thank you for all that you do.

  15. After being cited for reckless driving, my wife found Andi by testimonials like this. When I contacted Andi, she was honest, forthright, and knowledgeable. She was clear about what she needed from me, what her actions were in my case up to the court appearance, and what I could expect. All that planning paid off — in court Andi was very persuasive to both judge and DA, resulting in a generous disposition reducing the charge to “failure to obey posted sign” citation and a $50 fine. It was as comfortable an experience as I could hope for in Federal Court. I recommend her highly.

  16. I got referred to Ms. Geloo by a friend several years ago.. She came to court with me on two different occasions for reckless driving tickets and both charges got reduced and saved me from getting my license suspended. Very passionate about helping her clients and extremely knowledgeable and professional ! I have and will continue recommending her services to anyone i know

  17. If you are reading this, stop, pick up the phone, and call Andi. I was facing a Reckless Driving General charge which seemed harmless enough (because the word speeding isn’t in it) until I did some research and found out the likely consequences. After a friend who is a former cop recommended an attorney, I called him to explain my situation. I didn’t even finish before he stopped me and urged me to call Andi.

    Andi will hold your hand and give you step-by-step instructions on how to prepare for your court date. TRUST her and follow her advice. She made it so easy to prepare for my first court date. Well, the prosecutor’s best case scenario was 90 days in jail, a 6 month suspension of license, and a fine worthy of a hefty mortgage payment. The judge just so happened to be throwing the book at everyone with a reckless charge that day as well. Well, Andi in her infinite wisdom and awesomeness said “We are going to fight this” and I could tell from the look in her eyes that she was going to do everything she could to keep me out of jail.

    She filed for a continuance, and a month later, we showed up for my second court date. In a month’s time, Andi now had the state trooper on my side, and miraculously negotiated a reckless driving charge carrying a 3 month jail sentence down to improper driving (which happens to be less than a speeding ticket).

    I see that another Veteran has posted on this site and I am one as well. It is safe to say that Andi is “Veteran friendly” and truly appreciates and respects what we do. So for any other Veterans seeking an attorney, Andi will fight for you.

  18. Andi makes the impossible happen. She has great negotiating skills, has a lot of contacts, keeps her clients happy, stays in touch with her clients, and throughout my experience with her, giving her the grade of an A would be an understatement.

  19. Andi is by far the best Attorney I have ever had! Through her representation of me throughout the years she has made me feel like a friend and not a client. I have made some foolish mistakes in the past, but due to Andi’s knowledge and unyielding determination to fight for her clients my record does not have a single reckless on it. I always recommend Andi to all my friends and colleagues.

  20. I got refered to Andy by my cousin few years ago. She has always have been helping me out since then. I have my share of tickets and court dates. She is such a sweet heart. She has allways treated me like family. Thank god I have ticket free for over a year now. But whenever one of friends call me bc they or their love one is in trouble with traffic realted issues I always have refered them to her. She has taken good care of them too just like she has taken care of me. She ia the best lawyer out there. I recomend to everyone who having legal issuea with traffic vioaltions other issues to appoint her as their lawyer and I gurantee you that you will be in good hands and she will take care of you.

  21. Andi is one of the most professional attorneys that I have ever met. In terms of compassion and excellence, there is not a better attorney out there in NoVa. She will fight for you (and your interests). In terms of recommendation, I give Andi %100 backing.

  22. y friend referred me Andi when I needed good lawyer. And yes, she is. First of all I was so surprised that she is the one who answered the first my phone call,not an assistant. Her responds are right away and gives you advice what you can do for your case. She is very strong minded and passionate, won’t back up to anybody and fight for you. I highly recommended her if you need lawyer you can trust. thank you so much Andi what you’ve done for me recently.

  23. I received a speeding ticket while traveling through Virginia on vacation. Upon the horror of learning that my mere speeding ticket was actually a class 1 misdemeanor and a criminal charge, I decided to hire a lawyer. After some internet research, I decided to hire Andi Geloo for my case and I am glad that I did. As other testimonials have said, she handled my case in a very caring yet professional manner. In my situation, she was able to reduce the criminal charges down to a reasonable fine. I would highly recommend Andi Geloo to anyone that is looking for their best chance at a win. “Andi Geloo pulled through.”

  24. I cannot recommend Andi highly enough. She is absolutely INCREDIBLE!

    I was recommended to her by a family friend and I’m so glad I was- she is honest, reliable, professional and responsive. Even after a year and a half after representing me on my court date (I was convicted of “reckless driving” after a car accident) I was filling out a job application and freaking out if I needed to check the box that said “I’ve been convicted of a misdemeanor” because I couldn’t remember exactly what the charge was after the court date.

    I called Andi at 8:30pm (expecting to leave a message) and she answered immediately, knew exactly who I was and reassured me that we had gotten the charges reduced (because she’s amazing). She even immediately re-sent me the final case results to my e-mail for future reference.

    Andi is a wonderful person and I HIGHLY recommend her!

  25. I hired Ms. Geloo in 2009 for a serious moving traffic violation (“reckless driving” and “following closely”). Not only was the “following closely” charge dropped, but the “reckless driving” charge was reduced to just “speeding”. Throughout the process, Ms. Geloo was professional, confident, and new exactly what she was doing. I was truly appreciative for her services and would hire her again in heartbeat.

  26. Andi Geloo came highly recommended, and I quickly found out why. From my first phone call to Ms. Geloo, I experienced her compassion for her clients and her knowledge of the law. Ms. Geloo was responsive to each and every question I had for her. She was patient with me and clearly explained each step of the legal process I would be exposed to. She directed me with smart instruction to prepare for my day in court. Her straight forward, educated approach, combined with her pleasant demeanor, helped me get through a difficult time. I was very happy with the outcome of my case, her performance on my behalf, and I would highly recommend Ms. Geloo to any of my friends!

  27. I first began working with Ms. Geloo about 8 years ago, and have been coming to her for any legal advise ever since. Not only is she great at what she does, but she also is very sincere and involved in every case I present her with. After working with me, I recommended her to many others and she became the first lawyer anyone in my family consults with. I definitely recommend her to anyone searching for an honest and kind hearted lawyer who truly cares.

  28. Ms. Geloo was an excellent attorney for a traffic misdemeanor case I was involved in. Upon entry to the courthouse, I could see she was well respected by a number of older attorneys who asked her opinion about varying matters. She helped reduce a misdemeanor traffic violation to a normal traffic violation. It was very important to me and she was well-mannered and kind. It was a pleasure to have her as my attorney.

  29. I had Ms Geloo represent me in a reckless driving case, from day one she took care of me with utmost professionalism! When it came time for trial Ms. Geloo did not mess around! My reckless driving was reduced to a speeding ticket. No points, No jail time! If your looking for the best in the business Ms. Geloo is the right Attorney for you!

  30. I recommend Andi Geloo highly! She represented me and my case a year ago and I couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out. I have even contacted Andi since my case and she was able to give me advice at the drop of a dime…she is the best out there hands down!

  31. When I found myself in need of legal services, the prospect of finding a lawyer was daunting. A friend gave me Andi Geloo’s info, and sang her praises for fighting (and winning) on behalf of her son in court.

    I saw posts by others who had been through similar experiences. Andi’s name repeatedly surfaced and was praised by others for her knowledge, wit, spirit, strong defenses and skills. Overwhelmed, I did not know what to expect.

    Andi’s compassionate competence is unparalleled. She helped me prepare, educated me as to what to expect, kept me informed during each step of the process, and truly fought for me. She knows and understands the players and dynamics in court uncommonly well.

    Thanks to Andi the consequences of my behavior were but a fraction what they could have been. If I, or anybody I care about needs a lawyer – Andi Geloo is the one to have.

  32. A friend referred me to Andi, and I will be forever grateful to that friend for doing so. Andi handled my case with the utmost care and professionalism. She gave me excellent advice on a few things to do before going to court, and we were very well-prepared for my court date. The result was much better than I expected, due to Andi’s great advice of things to complete beforehand and her presence and persuasion in front of the judge. I had never had any legal issues before this traffic violation, so it was a very stressful and scary situation for me, but having Andi made sure that I understood everything that was going on and that she would fight her hardest for the best possible outcome. I would highly recommend her services without hesitation.

  33. I hired Andi to represent me for reckless driving. She was extremely helpful and professional through the whole case and very sensitive to the effects of potential outcomes. She took the time to go over all the pros and cons of every choice and the fully defended my decision to get me the best outcome possible.

  34. I was recommended by a friend to hire Andi as my attorney for my case. Seeing my past record of reckless driving, driving under suspension, and other traffic violations, I thought that it would take a miracle for my case to turn out without me having to spend time behind bars. Unlike most attorneys, Andi told me the truth, that it wasn’t going to be easy for her to take on my case seeing my horrible driving points and all. But in the end, Andi didn’t give up and she really put all her effort to help me out. And her hard working effort paid off, and the judge decided to drop my case, which wasn’t suppose to happen with my records. I was ecstatic to hear the result, and I was only in the courtroom for less than one minute. I really can’t thank her enough for all she has done for me. And since I was on the budget, she was very flexible to really try and help me out. I will definitely call Andi for any of my future traffic violation.

  35. I can’t say enough good things about Andi and what she was able to do for me. I had a particularly difficult case that involved an accident and possible DUI. The outcome of her efforts to help me was nothing short of amazing. No DUI, no Reckless driving, no ticket of any kind. More importantly, I can never repay her for her compassion and taking such a sincere interest in me as a person. Simply the best.

  36. Let me just say that is Ms. Andi was any better hiring her services would be illegal. Andi was amazing, she took care of my case from A to Z with full professionalism and consideration. When I first got my reckless speeding ticket I was freaking out. This was my first ticket and I had no clue what to do or how to go about it. I was referred to Ms. Andi by numerous lawyers including the sheriff of a neighboring county. People weren’t mistaken when they told me I was in good hands.
    I am so happy with he results of my case. I think Andi did a great job. I was even more surprised with how easy Andi made the case for me considering I do not live in Virginia or prince william, ( me bing a resident of California). Andi still went out and studied the case. She went to the rescue and conquered 🙂
    Thank you so much Andi. Your the best

  37. Andi, just want to say thank you for being there for me during the past five months. You gave excellent advice and provided accurate information. I really appreciated your professionalism, thoughtfulness, and understanding. Thanks again!

  38. Andi Geloo is a fine attorney. She is an extremely competent, smart and professional attorney. Her compassion for her clients is awesome. She is dilligent in her efforts to prepare adequately for each case and has a lot of experience. She knows how to negoitate challenging situations and works quite hard in the best interest of her client. She is an excellent attorney, actually the best!!! The great legal expertise Andi offers is par execellent! Thank you.

  39. To all reading this,

    I’ve recently been “Honorably” discharged from the Marine Corp in November 2012 (I’ll get to why I stated the military part later). Within the past few months from writing this post I have acquired (4) tickets in a 2 month period from May 2013-June 2013 and not to mention I was already (-6) points prior to the tickets. At this point, time was really running short with the first case coming up. I quickly called and spoke to Andi Geloo.

    I was originally trying to get another lawyer. Those ass-clowns never return phone calls and it was like an act of congress to reach them. Once I talked to Andi, I definitely felt more confident about my situation even though she said those famous words that she has told all her clients, “I can’t promise you anything.” Emails were shot back and forth about the cases and I’m sure I probably confused and frustrated her about some things in which I apologized for. She kept her composure and was always very nice and professional with her responses. I made sure I did whatever she instructed me to do in order to better my chances in court. Andi Geloo understood the fact that I didn’t make much money and even appreciated the fact that I was honest in the fact that I said, “I WOULD NOT hire her if I can’t pay her.” She took a huge step outside the normal parameters of the payment arrangements. She gave me an outstanding rate. She even instilled trust in me in the fact since I’m a Marine of honor and integrity to pay her after the second case which was this past Tuesday, and Andi did immediately receive payment a few days later. Also I don’t know any lawyers that talk to their clients after hours. I’m sure most attorneys would charge extra for that kind of counseling. I appreciate, so very much, for Andi’s willingness to work with me in my financial difficult time. I currently have too more cases to go and I know without a shadow of doubt that she’ll shine again in court for me. To Andi, I thank you so much for your hard work and dedication, for it will never be forgotten. Just like the Allstate commercial, “I know I’m in good hands.” My charge was dismissed and I was found guilty of a non-moving infraction, bearing zero points.

  40. Andi was referred to me with the title of “The queen of speeding cases”. I received a reckless driving ticket and her positive attitude assured me that I was in good hands. Thank you very much, you saved the day! I look forward to referring anybody I know that is in the same situation to you!

  41. What can I say… believe all of the comments you read here – they are all true. You can’t ask for much more than an attorney like Andi….who is responsive, smart and gets results. If she can’t help you she will say so. But if she can, she will. I had some tough things stacked against me ad she still got a reduced sentence! Yes, she works wonders. She is an amazing lawyer and I recommend her to everyone. And did I mention she is gorgeous. The person you are really dealing with is not really the judge, but the Commonwealth Attorney. He was the one that she was negotiating with on my behalf. Andi lights up the room, and in these situations, you need every angle covered. I can’t recommend her more highly!

  42. Ms. Geloo proved to be worth every penny and then some. She accepted my case on short notices, gave me excellent advise, and representation. She was able to get an outcome that was better than expected…..Ms Geloo is the only VA attorney I’ll hire from now on. Thanks again Andi, I know I was difficult. Oh yeah and I’ve slowed down………A little lol. I highly recommend Ms Geloo to anyone who needs legal representation in VA.

  43. Ms. Geloo was wonderful, honest and easy to work with, she gave our daughter excellent advice, and fought hard for her as well! I would recommend her to anyone in need of a Lawyer in VA for speeding tickets, as long as you follow her advice and do all the work, you are in much better shape than large charges and points. My daughters case was dismissed because of the advice from Andi that my daughter followed and Andi Geloo fighting for her in the court room. Thank you again for making this a great experience instead of a bad one. Her reputation IS what everyone said, ‘One of the Best Lawyers’ and “one of the top Five Best Lawyers”.

  44. I was referred to Andi by a friend and they told me that Andi was the BEST attorney to handle my case, literally the best. I had a bad record -9 points with two violations going over 80mph and I again got pulled over going 80 in a 55 zone. The cop gave me a reckless ticket. I was extremely distraught and feared a conviction, a huge fine and potentially loss of license….and maybe if I was really unlucky…jail time. I did not want a -6 point violation to compound on top of my -9. I was referred to Andi and man did she come through for me…she provided agreat service! She was educational – teaching me about the process so I would understand our strategy and why I needed to do what I needed to do. She gave TOUGH LOVE – she did not let me be lazy or tell me what I wanted to hear, but rather gave a real assessment of what could happen and the seriousness of my charges. But most importantly, she is a competitive attorney that is relentless in getting the absolute best result possible! I was so confident going in because we were so PREPARED. When we went before the judge he was finding everyone guilty and was not bending an inch. I started to get a little nervous because my record was worse than all of the previous people and my offense was comparable, if not worse. Andi got my reckless driving charge dismissed and I got a minor infraction for faulty equipment which was ZERO points! I was ecstatic and can truly appreciate the work Andi put in for me. I love working with people that actually care about what they do and are PASSIONATE, CONFIDENT, COMPETENT, and most important do what they say they are going to do. Other attorneys were getting pushed around and just taking it on the chin. I’m so glad I had Andi there with me. I can’t wait to introduce any potential clients to Andi in the future and if anyone has questions, please email me at bocaex.pri@gmail.com. I will email my number to if you need to speak to me.

    Thanks again Andi for all you do,
    Another satisfied individual

  45. Thank you Andi Geloo!
    It’s a tough business Andi Geloo is in and she makes a BIG difference in people’s lives.

    Once I realized that my husband wouldn’t be here to help because of his Military Deployment to Kuwait. I was very nervous in hiring an attorney that would try understand the stress and the importance of my case.
    My first concern was the forever impact to my clearance.
    Secondly, I live in rural area outside of the city with limited transportation and not being able to drive my 3 boys around.
    Lastly, I didn’t want some shady lawyer to take advantage of me. My mail box was full of mail from lawyers who wanted open ended contract.
    Andi, I will be forever grateful. Above all, your honesty, integrity and conscientiousness were invaluable to me. You kept me strong and focused in the right direction at all times. When you go through a Reckless Driving Case it’s all so foreign and knowing you were there helped me so much. This was very successful outcome. I highly recommend her to anyone who finds themselves in need of an excellent attorney who understands moms. I couldn’t have done it without you.

    A Military Mom

  46. Andi Geloo is AMAZING everyone! I deffinetly recommend her! She is such a sweet heart and such a genuine person and you will know that she has your back and will fight for you. I had an 84/45 Reckless Driving ticket and Andi got it down to an improper driving ticket! I’m so thankful for her! I had my whole life ahead of me and that reckless ticket could’ve been on my record for the rest of my life could have caused me alot of trouble along the way.

  47. Andi Geloo reduced a driving outside the parameters of After a Forfeiture of License (Restricted) a Misdemeanor 1 and Andi was able to reduce the charge to Failure to Pay Full time and Attention a non-moving violation. A loss in court and I would have been facing a probation violation and possible jail time. Please contact Andi Geloo to discuss your case even if you have already contacted another attorney.

    I contacted Andi and was pleasantly surprised to receive a call back within ten minutes. She discussed my case in detail and told me honestly the hard truths about my complex case and sent me a document listing every task I needed to perform before my case was presented before the court. I contacted her many times, I am certain too many times, but she always took my calls even during a family dinner.

    On the day of court, Andi and I met to discuss my case. I provided documentation of everything Andi requested. She quickly reviewed my materials and said “Excellent now let me do what I do”. She met with the police officer who was so polite to me during the night in question and met with stubborn resistance. Andi didn’t stop there; instead she met with the prosecutor handling the case. Using all the documents, she requested I provide and her persuasiveness she was able to produce a positive verdict. Let me tell you there were over two hundred cases in the court room that day and I watched most of them. Andi by far had the best results of anyone that day.

    During my time with Andi, I was able to see a very strategic thinker, considering all possible moves similar to a game of chess. Andi prepared me for every eventuality, to ensure all the best results for all possible outcomes. Law enforcement by nature is typically a man’s game, but let me tell you, I consider Andi “tough as nails” and not afraid to be heard in order to produce the best outcome for her client. Lastly, I will say, Andi truly cared about me and I believe she cares about all her clients. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind.

  48. Andi Geloo is an outstanding attorney. She helped me to understand my case each step of the process. I was impressed with her level of expertise and her willingness to go above and beyond to help me. She was always available to answer my questions in a kind and direct manner. Thanks Andi!

  49. Andi guided me out of a misdemeanor conviction — and introduced me to a useful legal research term called “shepherding.” I certainly recommend her (especially for traffic cases!)

  50. Andi has been, by far the best attorney I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. When my son ended up in trouble, she not only had to deal with his legal issues but she also had to manage his distraught parents. Andi treated all of us with respect and she gave us her undivided attention. She is a friend, attorney and a counselor all rolled up into one beautiful package. I would recommend her to everyone!

  51. Andi Geloo is a thoughtful, professional and courteous attorney. As an attorney myself I expect those traits in my profession but rarely see them. She handled a reckless traffic incident for me as if it were a big felony case as opposed to a misdemeanor. She took my concerns seriously and dealt efficiently with the prosecutor and officer in the case. There is an old saying that a good lawyer knows the law, a great one knows the judge. That is certainly true in her case and works toward your advantage. I would highly recommend her to anyone, family, friends and other attorneys.

  52. Anyone reading this please, If you want to use Andi, make sure you listen and do exactly what she ask of you before your court date. She is a fighter. She is an excellent and very professional lawyer. I will recommend Andi to anyone because she will fight and fight on your behalf. My case was in the Traffic Appeals Court in Fairfax, the prosecutor was hard on me and Andi fought to reduce my charges. Thank you so much Andi….you are great!!

  53. Andi Geloo is, hands down, the best attorney you can retain in this area. I’ve had the pleasure of being represented by her twice now, both for traffic infractions. I’ve worked with a couple other lawyers in the past, but neither even come close to Andi. Andi sincerely cares about her clients and will fight tooth-and-nail to get the best outcome possible. In my most recent experience, she basically did the impossible. The prosecutor was insistent on slapping me with General RD, but Andi was persistent and got me the outcome I desired. For those that know, General Reckless charges are very hard to have reduced. I can genuinely say that I don’t think any other lawyer could have gotten me off the RD charge. I’m not even going to mention the speed the officer said I was going. Going to court is never fun, but having Andi by my side was comforting. I knew I was in good hands. Words can’t explain how grateful I am. I can’t recommend her enough!

  54. If you are in need of legal assistance, you need to contact Andi Geloo. A lawyer in Stafford referred me to her back in 2012 and I must say she was incredible. From first contact, till the day she got my whole case DISMISSED, I was treated with the respect that of any valued customer. She kept me 100% updated and never left me in the dark. She was very personal and empathetic towards my needs and career goals; in fact, she helped me find the internship of my dreams. I very strongly recommend her service. Thanks again Andi!

  55. Andi Geloo is a phenomenal Attorney! Mrs. Geloo has represented me on a number of legal matters and has provided excellent legal advice as well as outstanding legal representation. Beaware, she is not your typical attorney, she is very personable, caring and most importantly puts 100% effort into her client’s representation usually resulting in a favorable outcome. I highly reccomend Ms Geloo.

  56. Ms. Geloo – a job well done today! Your professionalism and knowledge of the law is truly appreciated and hands down, you’re the best anyone could ask for in an attorney. You make a stressful situation less stressful which is critical for everyone involved. In addition, your attention to detail and respect for each individual case is evident in everything you do for your clients especially leading up to any court appearance and certainly the day of court.

    As I said earlier, I am honored to have you represent me. Frankly, the results of my case says everything about you.

    Again, I sincerely want to thank you for your advice and counsel – you’ve gone above and beyond.

  57. Hire her. Even within the worst of circumstances, she fights vigilantly for your freedom with serious results. As long as you can do your part, she will do hers. I was referred to her from an attorney I had hired previously who said Andi would be more affordable for me. Reasonable pricing, saved me a lot of trouble, certainly a worthy investment if you are facing any charge. Sharp, knowledgeable, experienced, persistent and relentless in the court room.

  58. Andi is spectacular. All these wonderful comments were totally validated as she represented me in recent weeks for my reckless driving charge. I have been a USAF aviator, Commander at all levels, and senior leader in the Defense Industry since the late 1970s. I have met many excellent professionals and superb human beings over the course of my experiences. Andi sits in the top five in both categories! She knows her business, thinks clearly, relates her thoughts clearly, and brings an enthusiasm and genuiness to how she conducts herself that obviously translates not only to her clients, but to those she negotiates with in our legal system – the judges, prosecutors, other lawyers, and law enforcement people. Everyone Andi deals with senses her integrity and passion to do things right, which no doubt makes her extremely successful in taking care of her clients. I am very grateful for her representation and the chance to work with her, and will recommend her to anyone I see needing an attorney anytime in the future. Thank you Andi!

  59. Andi is AMAZING. I am a teacher, and I received a reckless driving ticket due to a 1 time mistake. I was very worried about this, as I am usually a very safe driver. Andi did an INCREDIBLE job in court for me, and reduced my ticket to a simple traffic ticket. Thus, I am now able to continue working my dream job of inspiring students. I whole heartedly recommend Andi to anybody!! An incredible lawyer and person! Not to mention she answered any question that I ever had within minutes (even at late hours of evening!) .Thank you for everything and for your dedication to your clients! 🙂

  60. She is a very helpful attorney. You don’t have to worry too much about your case if you hire her . She can help you deal with these problems. I got a reckless driving ticket and I hired her as my attorney. I didn’t need to worry about it at all because she helped me solved my problem. She is an excellent attorney.

  61. Andi Geloo represented me in court. She was helpful, courteous and a pleasure to work with. Her instincts are superb. I could not have asked for a better outcome. I highly recommend her. If you’re looking for an attorney to represent you, you could do no better.

  62. She is AMAZING! I hired Andi when I got a ticket for Reckless Driving in VA due to going over the speed limit in a big way. I was not from VA and was headed out of state to go home. My ticket said I would need to appear in court in VA. Andi worked a miracle for me and I did everything from TX. She got my Reckless Driving down to an infraction. Andi was very responsive and really looked out for my best interests. Love her!

  63. A rare blend of intelligence and warmth, Andi Geloo’s representation is exactly on the mark. I was impressed and thrilled to be defended by someone so thorough and no-nonsense, and yet so sparkling and classy. Her knowledge of the law is extensive and yet totally accessible as she will guide you through everything you need to do. She is both assertive and comforting. From first contact to our final follow up, she worked a fought for me in full defense. I too hired Andi when I was initially charged with a reckless driving ticket in VA (50 in a 25 in Falls Church City), she immediately prescribed everything that would need to be done to make a good showing in court. She was always there with a kind word, and supportive emails as I navigated the daunting process. Today my sentence was reduced to an infraction and a fine. My ordeal is over! Andi, I could not have gotten through this without you!

  64. Andi was able to clearly explain the process, what I needed to accomplish in order to help get the best outcome, all while being calm and collected – which helped me be at ease with the whole court process. Andi is a great attorney and I couldn’t have asked for better help in the situation.
    I highly recommend Andi Geloo and have no hesitation in recommending her to others.

  65. AMAZING!!! That’s the first word that comes to mind (an under statement) in reflection to the services rendered.This attorney will put you at ease immediately after speaking with you. The professionalism, knowledge, and honesty of this woman can only be matched by her dedication and confidence; inside and out of the court room.This is definitely the one you want in your corner.

  66. All I have to say about Andi is that she is amazing! I called her a week before my court date and she did not hesitate in helping me out. She responded very quickly. She was able to work with me with payment, which I am extremely grateful for. Andi is wonderful! I’m so thankful she answered me, the court day went smoothly. She assured me that she would do everything in her power to have my charges dropped to the lowest charge she could get, and she achieved it. It was stress free. Thank you so much Andi! I recommend her to everyone!!

    1. Ms. Geloo turned what was originally a high stress situation into something with a positive outcome. Ms. Geloo was extremely proffessional, knowledgeable, and treated me as though I were her only client. Andi was extremely responsive to all my questions and her assurances put my mind ease, allowing me to focus on preparing for court. I couldn’t recommend anyone more than Ms. Geloo.

  67. ANDI IS AMAZING ONCE AGAIN! This was my second reckless and she brought it down to a speeding! My first was an 84/45 and was brought down to an improper and my second was 80/55 and was brought down to speeding. I don’t know what I’ll ever do without Andi! I can’t thank her enough for getting me out of all this trouble. If you want someone who cares and will fight for you it’s Andi!
    Thanks once again <3

  68. I was pulled over for speeding in Virginia on my way home from Reston to Lexington, KY. Like most people out of state, I was completely unaware of Virginia’s speeding laws that made anything over 80 an automatic Class I misdemeanor (criminal) charge and mandatory court appearance, even in a 70 mph zone. I didn’t realize until I got home and read the ticket in detail–and then started researching Virginia traffic law on the web–exactly how much trouble I was in.

    I started panicking and calling various lawyers I found on the internet. Andi called me back literally within ten minutes of my first telephone contact with her, and she was calm and reassuring. She described the consequences of a reckless driving charge, and she instructed me in everything I needed to do to better improve my chances of having the charge reduced to a speeding infraction.

    The next two weeks were extremely stressful for me. I sent Andi numerous panicky emails and phone calls. She always responded promptly, usually literally within minutes (once even at 10:15 pm!!) ,and did her best to reassure my fears.

    I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without her. She discovered that the court had continued my case until three months later; they never notified me of that, and had she not been looking out for my interests, I might have made the long trip back out there only to discover my case wasn’t going to be heard that day.

    The last thing I wanted was the anxiety of the case hanging over my head for three long months. Andi not only managed to get it put back on the original docket, but she also successfully negotiated my charge down from the misdemeanor to a regular speeding infraction.

    I will be forever grateful to Andi for her help during this tremendously stressful experience. She is competent and capable, but just as important, she is caring and compassionate toward her clients.

    I am happy to recommend Andi enthusiastically to anybody needing legal assistance in her area. While I have absolutely no intention of ever needing a defense attorney again in my life (and I most certainly will never drive above 70 mph on the Virginia highways again…), if I ever did, I’d want to have Andi represent me.

  69. I HIGHLY recommend Andi Geloo. I was charged with a reckless driving 65/35 misdemeanor and felt like many future opportunities were closing right in my face. I have practiced real estate brokerage in two states, I have taught at a university at the graduate and undergraduate levels, and I currently hold a SECRET clearance as a software engineer. I do have a lot of opportunities in my, so far, very successful career, but with a criminal record, many opportunities will close. However, Andi was able to get my charge amended to a speeding 54/35 infraction right in the arrangement. In order to succeed in your case, you must follow every piece of advice Andi will give you. And as many things in life, “time is of the essence”… Good luck.

  70. Andi is the consummate professional. She responds to emails quickly, answers phone calls, and most importantly pulls through for you. She makes it very stress-free given the circumstances. Believe all the reviews.

  71. Ms. Geloo handled my reckless driving case with professionalism and obvious experience. She was personable and responsive and reassuring. She clearly knows exactly what is needed to arrive at the best possible outcome in matters in front of the General District Court.

    I am extremely happy with the results of my case. I highly recommend Ms. Geloo to anyone who is considering hiring an attorney in Fairfax County.

  72. I was recently represented by Ms. Geloo for a single vehicle accident with a guard rail. After discussing my case with Andi, she was positive that she would be able to effectively represent me. Since this was my first time in court, I was a little nervous to say the least. Andi understood this and put all my fears to rest by explaining the process completely and in a way that a layman could understand. These discussions gave me the confidence that Andi was there to fight for me to the last. The outcome of the case exceeded my wildest expectations. Andi’s legal knowledge and professionalism were second to none when it came to negotiating this case with the prosecuting attorneys. For what could have been a very troublesome outcome to this case, Andi was able to negotiate an outcome that was beyond my wildest expectations.

    If there is a case that you are involved in and need the ABSOLUTE BEST legal representation, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Andi’s services to you. Her knowledge of the legal system and regional policies make her an ally to anyone needing top notch legal representation.

    Thank you Andi !!!!!!!

  73. I was recently represented by Ms. Geloo for a single vehicle accident with a guard rail. After discussing my case with Andi, she was positive that she would be able to effectively represent me. Since this was my first time in court, I was a little nervous to say the least. Andi understood this and put all my fears to rest by explaining the process completely and in a way that a layman could understand. These discussions gave me the confidence that Andi was there to fight for me to the last. The outcome of the case exceeded my wildest expectations. Andi’s legal knowledge and professionalism were second to none when it came to negotiating this case with the prosecuting attorneys. For what could have been a very troublesome outcome to this case, Andi was able to negotiate an outcome that was beyond my wildest expectations.

    If there is a case that you are involved in and need the ABSOLUTE BEST legal representation, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Andi’s services to you. Her knowledge of the legal system and regional policies make her an ally to anyone needing top notch legal representation.

    Thank you Andi !!!!!!!

  74. I aboslutely recommend Andi to anyone in need. Andi represented me through a Wreckless Driving charge and the outcome was much better than expected….dropped to a speeding. She is extremely knowledgeable of her profession and community, honest, focused, compassionate and always professional. There were four other attorneys representing other clients with similar charges the day of my court case. Andi’s experience and tenacity truly showed that day!! Thanks again Andi.

  75. Ms. Geloo was absolutely wonderful. She was helpful, communicative, kind, honest and understanding. She worked with me and for me and was able to get my Reckless Driving charge reduced to a speeding violation against seemingly impossible odds. I greatly appreciate the time and effort that she put in on my case and always with a positive attitude. If you are in a situation where you need representation, I highly recommend Andi Geloo. She will put your needs first and is simply a pleasure to work with.

  76. Andi Geloo is a superb counselor. Gifted not only with the law but truly cares about her clients. She listens and understands people. I recommend her without any reservation. She is simply the very best. Hire her immediately.

  77. I am extremely happy with the result of my case. I am very grateful to Ms Geloo for her help during this tremendously stressful time. I will recommend her to anyone who needs legal assistance in her field.

    Thank you again Andi, a job very well done!

  78. Attorney Geloo is quite lovely and professional to say the least. After getting a citation for reckless driving, I got in touch w/ a number of attorneys and Andi stood-out to me… She laid out a list of the things I would need to do prior to court and she took care of everything else. The out come was better than what I would’ve asked for; which makes me want to get in trouble just to work w/ her again…not really, but you get the point… she’s great!…

  79. Let me start off by saying I was probably the biggest pain in the butt. I hired Andi via referral of another lawyer. I don’t know how she did it, with my particular case, but she was able to negotiate an astonishing outcome. I will never be able to express my sheer gratitude and gratefulness for Andi’s representation of me. She completely changed my life and because of her passion for being an attorney, I’m able to continue working towards my Navy enlistment. Had it not been for her, I wouldn’t be able to serve my country. I highly recommend that anyone seeking aid or professional representation in traffic court, seek Andi’s help. She will take care of you with nothing but genuine sincerity and truth.

  80. Andi represented me at traffic court for a reckless driving charge. This happened at the airport when I was on my way to catch a flight since I live in another country. It was very frustrating but I was lucky enough to find Andi trough the internet. She handled everything very nicely and was very professional and helpful. Communication was great. Everything was done via emails and she gave me the option of paying with paypal and that was great for me. The charge was reduced to speeding and I now just have to pay the speeding ticket but I can forget about the reckless driving charge! Thanks a lot Andi!!

  81. Disclaimer: I prefer not to disclose the date or nature of my legal infractions. I will say that they occurred a few years ago and were of a very serious nature.

    I was introduced to Andi at a time in my life when I was experiencing great personal distress. Not only did I have my legal matters to deal with, but I was also suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts. Andi was the life preserver I needed while drowning in a deep dark ocean of depression and anxiety.

    Andi is the older sister I never had. She is kind, caring, and extremely sharp. Any attorney can represent you, but Andi is different, Andi fights for you. I have rarely seen Andi’s type of tenacity, cunning, or caring in a person, let alone an attorney.

    Suffice it to say, Andi got the absolute best possible outcome for me, and treated me like her kid brother. I can’t tell you the number of times I called Andi in a complete panic about my situation, and she calmly and gently talked me down every time.

    When I was slacking on the things I needed to take care of, Andi made sure I knew that in order for her to do the best she could for me, I needed to do the best I could for her.

    Andi isn’t a briefcase that will take your check, say a few words, and then walk away. Andi is the friend you need to step up and fight for you, tooth and nail, as if you were her blood. I already have recommended Andi to members of my family that had legal troubles after me, and she treated them all just as well as she treated me.

    Here’s an example of how awesome Andi is: All of my charges were dismissed in a multi-county prosecution.

    She answers calls, she calls you back, she emails you back ASAP, she is attentive, calming, and tenacious. If you’re looking for an attorney to help you with anything, CALL ANDI NOW.

    She’s also recommended good attorneys to me in areas outside of her expertise, and they have all been great to me as well. I really lucked out with Andi, you will too.

    — Update: A year or two after my case, Andi contacted me to let me know of some changes in law that would further help me get away from my past indiscretions. She did not need to do this, she could have just forgotten about me, or even come across the changes and not have thought to let me know about them, and I wouldn’t have been any worse off. Instead, Andi went out of her way to make sure I did everything I could legally to make my life easier. Andi saved my life, plain and simple. ​

  82. Ms Geloo, Represented myself and my family regarding various legal matters. She is by far “par excellance” and extremely knowledgeable of the law and strategies to pursue all types of cases. I higlr reccomend Ms. Geloo. She also like chocolate.

  83. Andaleeb Geloo Esq.
    You are the best, Andi, absolutely the best
    Posted by Raghu, a Car Accident client, about 10 hours ago

    Overall rating

    I recommend Andaleeb Geloo.
    I hired Andaleeb 1-6 months ago.
    Andaleeb handled my Car / Auto Accident matter.
    I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.

    Dear Andaleeb:) LOVE your name..

    Love your name and absolutely LOVE the work you did for me. I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate what you did for me. To go from on the verge being a convicted criminal ( a bit extreme of Virginia law to charge me with Reckless Driving given it was an improper lane change at worst and a charge that is a criminal misdemeanour)to back to my pre-July 4 pristine character is something I could not have imagined happening without you. Your absolute professionalism throughout the process and the state of calm you put my mind in throughout the experience was absolutely inspiring, to say the very least. I would unhesitatingly recommend you to anyone who needs legal assistance. Anyone who attempts to handle their case on their own without someone like you navigating them through the intricate processes must be arrested for sheer stupidity. I would love to say I want to work with you again but given the nature of your business, it is best we remain friends:)


  84. I wanted to thank Andi for such a great job done. I was not sure how to handle this reckless driving charge and she told me exactly what to do. She told me not to worry. Went to court with me and spoke on my behalf and had the entire thing dismissed. I was completely amazed on her professional skills and knowledge.

  85. The Law Office of Andi Geloo, PLC, Andi was professional, on time, provided clear expectations and directions on each step leading up to the court date. I was charged with reckless driving on 267 at speed 82/55 in Fairfax County. Being from Maryland an out of state driver I was initially unaware of the harsh penalties the State of Virginia created for speeding – heavy fines and possible jail time. Both my brother and father were lawyers in the State of Maryland which is no help in Virginia other than as a referral which is how I found Andi.

    She called me back immediately after my initial contact where she proceeded to make me feel comfortable with the legal procedures yet to come. She outlined steps I should take to help my defense such as attend a Defensive Driving Course and Car Calibration (No speedometer is 100 percent accurate I found. My 2012 Acura was off my more than 6 miles at 60 miles/hour). On the day of court she was 100% focused on my case, my situation and once again clearly outlined her expectations on the day. Although I have some experience with lawyers through my family it is still nerve racking knowing, in this case, the Fairfax County District Court Judge has my immediate future in his hands. Andi recognized my concerns and put me at ease with her kind disposition.

    As I sat in court listening to various outcomes for traffic violators like myself, it was clear the Judge was making statements with his rulings. Meanwhile, Andi was working her magic for my case.

    Through her skill as a an attorney she created the best possible outcome. The charge was reduced to 64/55 as an infraction. Thank you so very much Andi for all your help.

  86. I was charged with reckless driving, 87/55. I followed Andi’s instructions and she got the charge reduced to speeding, 74/55. She was very responsive throughout and I’m extremely pleased with the end result. If you’re faced with serious trouble for speeding, call her!

  87. I am so glad I was referred to Andi for my reckless driving case. She answered all of my questions and phone calls and prepared me well for court. On the day of my case, she calmed me down, then went away for a few minutes; did her magic and came back with an amended verdict; speeding :). All I had to do then was to wait to get called by the judge and smile. She came with me to pay the ticket and confirmed that the records are correct. Throughout this whole ordeal she was very professional, courteous and caring. You definitely don’t want anyone else representing you.

  88. Andi Geloo has helped my family and friends over last four years in many difficult legal situations. She has gone beyond her call of duty to help people she represents.
    As a lawyer she is extremely competent, knowledgeable and would do anything to help a client. I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone with a legal need. Its been a blessing to know her.

  89. Andi Geloo represented me in my traffic case this week and I couldn’t be more pleased. More than that she was exceptionally helpful during the weeks leading up to my case as well, responding promptly to calls and emails, giving me lots of information on what preparatory work I should complete prior to my trial and what paperwork she would need from me. She is a fantastic lawyer and a wonderful human being. She was very professional and helpful in assuaging my fears and concerns regarding the case.
    She is very knowledgeable about which laws apply to her cases and her preexisting relationships with the prosecution gives her an edge in choosing the best way to represent you. I would most definitely recommend Andi to anyone should they find themselves in the unfortunate position of needing a traffic lawyer in her jurisdiction.
    Anyone in Andi’s care is in good hands.

  90. Andi kept my interests in mind and she aggressively pursued a negotiation she knew that I needed for my family and me. Her fee was very competitive (and well worth it) and she was very professional and always to the point. I highly recommend Andi with any major traffic violation, you will walk out of court not regretting a thing.

  91. Andi Geloo is absolutely with out a doubt a great attorney. On top of that , a great human being. She fights for you very hard and with confidence. I couldn’t be more pleased with her .

  92. 79/55 Reckless charge. Out of my mind was an understatement. I got this ticket on a Saturday morning. It was my first ticket, ever. I didn’t think it was a big deal and figured I’d just go to court and ask for traffic school. Little did I know that this is a HUGE deal in Virginia. Not only is it a traffic violation, but a misdemeanor that will stay on your record and can affect employment. I was referred to Andi and as soon as I called her the following Monday, she asked why I waited so long and didn’t call her on Saturday. She could have stopped all the stressing I did over the weekend. First thing she did was review my ticket and my driving record. I have to say that the judge was definitely scary. As I listened to his introduction, I figured I was doomed. He stated outright that there would be no lenience for DUI, Reckless or CDL. I am a commercial drivers license holder, so now I have 2 strikes against me. While I watched case by case go by with no one getting any lenience, Andi was working her magic. She called me out of the court room to go over a settlement she had reached. It was more than I could of ever dreamed. She was able to get met my ticket reduced to a non-moving violation with zero, yes, ZERO points! I cried. I couldn’t help it. She literally saved my life, my security clearance and my job! We went back into the courtroom and I agreed to the reduced charge. We walked down to pay the original fine and I cried again. I just could not believe what she was capable of doing. This woman knows her business. I now recommend her to everyone I meet. Thank you again Andi Geloo!!!!

  93. I was charged with reckless driving for 86 in a 70. Having never before faced the possibility of a criminal record, I was pretty upset. I called a number of lawyers who mostly just sent me form-letter emails with their fee structure. However, when I spoke to Andi, I immediately felt like I was talking with someone who was competent, empathetic and confident that she could help. When we finished that conversation, I knew I was done looking for a lawyer. I had a plan and a checklist of things I could proactively do to help my case. Andi was always available when I had questions or concerns. She will reply to your emails and she will return your phone calls, usually the same day. She is always professional. But the most important thing is the result: I walked out of court with my charge having been reduced to a mere speeding infraction of 79 in a 70, and a $100 fine. I could not have been happier with that result. I strongly recommend Andi Geloo.

  94. Andi Geloo represented me for a reckless driving charge (86/65). I could not have asked for a better outcome (dropped to a speeding ticket). Andi clearly knows the law and the judicial system – I highly recommend her for legal representation.

  95. I’ll start by saying if you’re looking for an amazing attorney, stop searching you’ve found her in Ms. Andi Geloo. I hired Andi for a particularly troubling case which could have jeopardized my future. I honestly was expecting the worst possible outcome, as suggested by many other attorneys whom I spoke with. From the time I first spoke to Andi regarding my consultation I could see that she was very genuine and caring regarding my case. She was very in depth with information and I never felt rushed. Not only did she handle my case but I got the best possible result!

    Thanks Andi!

  96. Words cannot express how grateful I am to Andi. I was put in the worst position. in my young twenties, I have my whole future ahead of me that could’ve possibly been over. Thanks to Andi, she saved my life, career, and future. Since day 1, since that phone call, she was always there by my side. I would email and call her crying and asking “what ifs”, she replied right away or would call me the very same hour. WHATEVER position you are in, please call Andi. I saw the other lawyers on court day, no one was as proactive as Andi. I had the best lawyer, hands down. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. ANDI, you are truly amazing at your career. You were born to defend.

  97. Andi did a fabulous job helping my son with a ticket. I am an attorney and have referred Andi to many friends and clients and every single person has thanked me for the referral and told me what a fantastic job Andi did for them. Andi is incredibly responsive, efficient and competent and a pleasure to work with!

  98. Andi sent me a text, email and left me a voicemail within 5 minutes after I left a message with another attorney who didn’t handle Fairfax County. After reading these comments, I can say I found the right attorney. My first speeding ticket on record at age 54, driving back from Connecticut to Florida from a funeral and not really paying attention to the speedometer, I hit 82mph in a 55mph zone. The officer was courteous and professional but I still received a Reckless driving ticket. Fairfax is the wrong county to be caught speeding but I am happy to have at least found the right attorney. So I would have to say “Virginia is not for lovers who speed!” Setting the cruise control next time!

  99. I had the great pleasure of being represented by Andi in court. Before the court date Andi made herself available whenever I emailed her, she was very quick to reply every time. I was able to get out of a serious criminal offense because of Andi. I am confident that if you pick Andi to represent you will not be disappointed. Andi really does fight for the best outcome possible and treats you like family. Look no further, you are in good hands just make sure you thank her!

  100. As a mom of two teenage sons, I’ve been on the receiving end of a few of those phone calls that start off with, “This is Officer [insert name]…” or “Mom, I’m kinda in trouble…”

    Don’t get me wrong, my sons aren’t bad kids. They got decent grades, were active in athletics, and did chores on demand. However, like many teens, they occasionally made bad decisions that got them into situations where legal representation was the most prudent choice to ensure the most favorable outcome.

    As a parent, I didn’t want to wipe away all of their sins; there ARE consequences for ones’ actions.
    On the other hand, because of immaturity and occasional lapses in good judgment, I didn’t want them to be branded for life with convictions that impact insurability, policy rates AND their eligibility for future employment.

    Ms. Geloo offers a rare combination of legal prowess and honest business practices. Her terms for compensation and payment are fair.
    (Note: Fees are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive but keep in mind the adage, “You get what you pay for” and this couldn’t be more true for legal professionals.)

    At every stage before the court hearings, Ms. Geloo, provided sage advice and detailed instructions for proactive steps needed to prepare for our cases (yeah, plural, C-A-S-E-S; we’re repeat customers).

    On court day, Ms. Geloo is well-prepared and the epitome of professionalism and enthusiasm. She stands out among the majority of her peers who show up to represent clients in bad suits, stained ties and weary appearances.

    On a day where you and your legal counsel both need to be on your “A Game,” being dressed to impress and an air of confidence to match can only help convey, “We’re taking this seriously and we’re here to demonstrate our sincerity on this matter.”

    If you have the need for an attorney in Northern Virginia, I whole-heartedly recommend. Andi Geloo.

    Call Andi before you, your spouse or child speak to police if you, too, get that dreaded phone call.

    W. Felt
    Mother of client

  101. Andi is thoughtful, honest, helpful, and most importantly effective. Embarrassingly – I’ve been charged with the same speeding violation twice in 5 years. The first time I went with another lawyer and did everything he recommended. The outcome was less than desirable and the lawyer sent a Jr attorney to court. This time (exact same charge) I went with Andi and it was a great experience. She really is gifted at what she does.

  102. Andi Geloo is by far the best reckless driving attorney in VA. She helped me with my case and was a true professional through it all, Thank you!


  103. Andi Geloo is a godsend. She is without a doubt the best lawyer I have ever met. She tells you how it is, and is honest and polite during the process. If you are going to court contact her ASAP. She knows the law and knows what to do. Whatever instruction she gives you. Follow it to the letter.

    Thank you for everything Andi!

  104. Andi Geloo is a miracle worker. She saved my daughter Holly from a living nightmare! My family and I will be eternally grateful for what Andi did for us. She definitely knows what she is doing. I recommend her very highly.
    Thank you so very much Andi!

  105. Words cannot describe how thankful I am that I found Andi. She is truly a miracle worker. I’m a college student and I received a reckless driving charge for going 86/70 trying to head back to college. I searched and looked around for lawyers and one of the lawyers I found could not represent me because it was not in his jurisdiction, so in turn he referred me to Andi. I was scared and constantly thinking about my future and how it’s all going down the drain, and I’m stupid for speeding. Andi made sure I did not worry and that I followed everything that she asked me to do. Within a week after hiring Andi, I finished everything I needed to do for court a month ahead. She also made sure that everything was great before court because my school is 5 hours from the area from where I got charged. Now that court has passed she got it knocked down from a reckless driving charge to a 79/70 – speeding. Andi Geloo is a god send, she is not like your average lawyer and she will work hard to get you the best results as possible. If you want a kind-nurtured, caring, hard-working, professional and honest lawyer, pick Andi Geloo. I will GLADLY advise her to all my friends.

  106. I am so thankful that my friend referred me to Andi. She is an incredibly professional, organized, and competent attorney. I had been so stressed for weeks if not months and Andi was methodical in her approach to my case and reassured me at every corner. She’s a miracle worker and deserves top praises. I am very happy with the outcome of my case and only hope that other people are lucky enough to meet and work with Andi. Thanks again.

  107. Andi Geloo is been very awesome as my traffic advocate. She did soo much to exonerate me from a previous reckless case which I’m yet to give details how good she was in her advocacy for me. It’s only due to the purpose of time that I’m being brief for now, but I sure will give details any time soon.

  108. I’m an aeronautical engineer from the UK and was sent over to work on a project in Maryland in the fall of last year. Just after Christmas, I was on the highway in Virginia and was pulled over by a police trooper for speeding. He gave me a reckless driving ticket and I honestly did not know the severity of it only until I got home and started doing research. After reading through numerous forums, I realised that I’m going to need an attorney!

    I was truly lucky to be recommended Andi Geloo by an attorney I got speaking to near where I live. When I contacted Andi, it was very clear to me that she definitely knew what she was doing. She was very helpful and walked me through the ways we can approach my case. This reassured me and knew straight away that I wanted her to represent me!

    I did everything that was requested by Andi, like attending a course and pulling together my clean UK drivers record and university certificates and on the day of my hearing, it really couldn’t have gone any smoother! Andi simply asked me to sit outside my courtroom whilst she communicated with the prosecutor. Andi’s confidence in my case proved to be accurate as she was very successful in reducing my reckless driving ticket to a speeding ticket of a 1-9mph speeding band. The fact that she was able to do this reflects her in-depth experience, knowledge of the US legal system and certainly her excellent competency skills to communicate and negotiate. Furthermore, my misdemeanour had been reduced to a simple infraction.

    Residing only 3 months in the US and not knowing the legal system nor having good contacts proved to be a tough time for me. I am so glad Andi represented me and gave me the reassurance I needed – I am certainly very grateful. I would fully recommend her to anyone needing an attorney as she will achieve the best results possible over other attorneys or self-representing.​

  109. I am relatively new to the area and was unsure where to turn for legal assistance, but was fortune to find Ms. Andi Geloo’s information. The whole process of working with Andi was great. She was honest and informative from the beginning which is often hard to come by. And the result of my case was exactly what I had hoped for. I highly recommend Ms. Geloo. She will represent you to the best of her ability and keep you in the loop every step of the process.

  110. Years back I was lucky to have Andi represent me in a less serious traffic misdemeanor, however recently I had a much worse situation come my way and Andi was the first person to come to mind to call for help. Without going into a lot of detail, I was facing a MINIMUM 20 days jail time and hefty fines (just for one of the convictions, another one was pending too). I never lost contact with Andi because of the great person she was for me back then. I’ve never ever met any attorney who treats you with so much compassion and respect, I even told her at one point it was like talking to my mom. (She knew that was in a good way) 🙂
    My court day approached, and we got all loose ends tied. Andi got me a plea deal, and I did have a couple days in jail, but that was told to me prior to court that it could be an option. (So no surprises there) And the other charge against me was amended, and no fine at all associated with it.
    While I was in jail for 4 days, I knew that if I needed support or any advice I could get a hold of her. This was all new to me, so I was scared, sad, and worried. She called me on the attorney phone, and hearing Andi’s voice and calming words changed all that I was feeling. She was even able to have me transferred to a better section in the jail, where I would be able to interact with others to help pass time. Andi even offered to appeal the judged decision for me multiple times because of how sad I was. All this goes back to the type of attorney Andi is, she is not in it for the money, she really does care about her clients, and wants the best outcome for them. This not only includes legal outcomes, but emotional outcome as well. We had a long talk and it was what I needed to hear to help me through this difficult time. When I paid the fines, I saw the court clerk messed up the final disposition, and it was not what it was agreed upon. I called Andi, she said, “I’ll have it fixed.” (and it wasn’t even her fault) Two days later, it was amended. I’ve known lawyers that take hours and days to even get a hold of or even a response, and are not a man/woman of their word. Andi ALWAYS responds to your email, and does her best to answers all questions and she is a lady of her word! I truly can’t say enough nice things about her.
    Thankfully all of this is behind me now, and I know how much of a friend I have in Andi. She is a wonderful person, and anyone who needs legal representation should not hesitate to call her. Andi- I want you to know how much you helped me get through all of this. One email you wrote, “I’ll be by your side through all of this.” And you were, you never gave up or got frustrated with my million questions. You are in the right profession, and I know great things are coming your way!! Thank you again for being the person you are! God bless!

  111. Amazing, simply amazing! Andi not only works on the case, she cares and fights for you. I had the pleasure of having her as my attorney and she walked me through everything and she is the best of the best! If YOU want someone who fights for you, then Andi Geloo is the one. She reduced my class 1 misdemeanor reckless driving in Prince William County to just an infraction! I cannot emphasize enough how great she is as an attorney and also as a person. She genuinely cares about her clients and she fights for you without any hesitation. I’m so lucky to have found her, she is a blessing!

  112. I had the pleasure of working with Andi for a reckless driving ticket I recieved in Fairfax county going 86 in a 50. Up until my court date I was incredibly nervous as this was my first encounter with the legal system. Before even hiring her she gave me strict advice on what I should do to prepare myself. I did so and continued with hiring her and this was hands down the best decision I had made in a while. She managed to get my ticket reduced to a speeding at 75/50 and I only got fined $250! She is one of the most professional and respectable women I have met along with the fact she is genuinely a down to earth really nice person in general. Its rare to find someone who truly cares about you and your outcome but I can honestly say Andi does. I would rehire her in a heartbeat and I highly recommend her to anyone considering an attorney. Once again such a pleasure working with you Andi and thank you for everything. You’re amazing!

  113. I hired Ms. Geloo to help me with a reckless driving violation in Rockbridge, a city that apperantly has a really tough jurisdiction.
    Most of the cases, before me, got their license suspended or worst.
    However, when it was my turn, Ms. Geloo did her best, and got amazing results for me. Most of the people in the court house were surprised that the judge agreed to reduced my violation to a speeding ticket, and of course everyone was talking about my case and Ms. Geloo’s great job after.

  114. Ms. Andi Geloo,

    From my perspective she is an amazing lawer. Very determined and very given not just to the clients but to the practice. She has helped me with a very serious traffic violation and just recently she help my sister with something similar.

    Her confidence, passion and expertise makes Andi an excellent lawyer….. in other simple words, highly recommend it

  115. A client of mine recommended Andi to represent me in a reckless driving case in Fairfax County VA. Andi was very professional and very honest about what I needed to do to take care of my case. Even though my speed was on the “high side” for reckless tickets – she was still able to get my reckless charge dismissed and I was simply issued a speeding ticket. I paid the court fees and was on my way. Andi did a phenomenal job and I would recommend her to all! Thank you once again Andi!!

  116. It’s a pleasure to have Andi as my attorney to defend a reckless general charge at Fairfax. I was traveling at 90+ MPH when I was pulled over by the police officer. It was a huge shock to me when I knew how serious the charge was. Then I found Andi because I heard she is the best. The process is quite amazing for me. She told me everything I need to do and how to do. She really cares how her customer feel. Finally, the charge was reduced to a infraction of speeding and I only need to pay $150 for the ticket. I cannot say enough thanks to Andi. She is the best! Thank you!

  117. My husband received reckless driving in VA. Before deploying, he never was able to set up a lawyer. Once he was gone, it was up to me to find a lawyer to represent him since he was gone during his court date. It was ultimately “through the grapevine”, in a sense, that we were in contact with Andi. She not only responded promptly, she continued to stay in touch every step of the way. Failure on our part made this case very last-minute for us, and she stepped up and made us feel like she was there to help. I dealt with her the most, but she made it easy for my husband to do his part, even with the 8 hour time difference.
    The outcome of the case was way better than either of anticipated. We were both absolutely blown away.

    I personally would suggest anyone to go to Andi. Never had dealt with any lawyers before, she had me blown away. I can’t tell her how much I appreciate all she has done for us enough.

  118. Andi Geloo saved the day for me. She fought hard to have my reckless driving charge dismissed and I was found guilty only of minor infraction of improper driving. She is awesome. I highly recommend Ms.Geloo to anyone in need of a superb attorney.

  119. I was referred to Andi Geloo because she was highly recommended. As it turned out that she was the saving grace for a family member of mine who adamantly insisted that I hire her, not knowing that I’d already spoken with her. Andi Geloo not only takes care of your case but also takes care of you the person. Hire her, do what she recommends and rest assured that if nothing else, you’ve hired the best.

    Andi Geloo had my reckless driving CHARGE reduced to a traffic infraction with a small fine, which means I still do NOT have a criminal record, which was well worth it. Throughout everything she was on top of everything, guided me and sensitive and attentive to my concerns.

    If I know anyone who is in need, I WILL recommend her! Hopefully, I will never be in this situation again, but if I do I will know who to turn to. Thank you Andi Geloo!.. Thank you!

  120. I was referred to Ms. Andi Geloo through a few friends of mine. I received a reckless driving summons going 81 in a 60 zone in Fairfax. Being that I am pretty young and have never been in any kind of trouble before aside from one speeding ticket I was terrified of what it would do to my driving and pristine criminal record… I had already reached out to a few attorneys before I decided to get in contact with Andi. From the very start Andi was very professional and accommodating. I was incredibly stressed about the whole ordeal and she spoke very kindly with me and put me at ease. Which was a pleasant surprise because I could see that she is someone who cares about people and not just their liquidity, something that’s quite hard to come by when looking for an attorney. She kept in constant contact with me the days prior to the days before my court date and made sure I was comfortable and aware of everything. Wow. I cannot say enough good things about Andi! I wasn’t the most responsible client being that I had a myriad of other things going on but Andi saw to it that I was taken care of. On my court date she got my misdemeanor dropped down to a speeding infraction. An exceptional attorney and a remarkable and warm human being. I can see why many would consider her the best in this field of law and I can now personally vouch for that. Thanks so much Andi!

  121. I contacted Andi and explained my situation, I was charged with a misdemeanor for reckless driving. I was clocked going 81 mph in a 55 mph done. From the very beginning Andi was prompt, pleasant, accommodating and instructed me what I needed to accomplish before my court date to put me in good standings with the court. She always kept me informed of any changes, met me early on my court date and worked her magic. She got my charged reduced to “failure to obey a traffic sign”, which reduced the court fees and put my driving record back in the safety zone. I was no longer in jeopardy of loosing my security clearance.

    Andi is not only good in court but she knows what customer service is all about and goes the extra mile for her clients. I would definitely recommend Andi Geloo if you every get in trouble with the law.

  122. I was charged with Reckless driving-85/55 & Following to close along with Improper pas (passing on the shoulder) on 66w near fair oaks by a state trooper. “I was lucky not to be taken to jail” the trooper remarked. At the time i had a plus three on my d.l. and the trooper decided not to place me under arrest. -word of advise… keep your mouth shut…
    Being a little older 40+ i knew i had to do something about this. I was passed Andi Geloo’s name as reference for counsel. I contacted Andi & got an immediate response from her.
    We began a email chain, & i was able to scan and send the info she needed to get started on my defense. I retained Andi Geloo. Then went to a 4hr behavioral driving class, sent for a copy of my d.r. also completing 18hrs of community service and getting a calibration on my speedometer. I also scanned and sent this info to Andi no problem, and got an immediate response back on what to do next.
    Andi Geloo always acknowledged all of my emails and kept me informed on my court date and room. Even when court was postponed due to snow she let me know before 6:am that they were closed and to wait to here from her about the new date.
    The day of court arrives and the prosecutor was not going to deal at all Andi informed me, and was even asking for jail time and suspension of my d.l. Andi suggested we should ask for a continuance (She knows the who and what they do on the commonwealths side) But i wanted it to be over, so Andi took my case strongly in front of the judge.
    The prosecutor did not get near what he was asking for do to Andi tactfully defending me from the commonwealths attacks. The outcome however was less favorable than myself or Andi were willing to accept.
    So under Andi Geloo’s confident guidance I Appealed my case to Fairfax Circuit Court. Andi again kept me well informed and prepared for my new court date.
    On the day of court i provided Andi with all the ammo i had for my defense and she used all of it.
    Andi was able to negotiate with the commonwealths attorney (prosecutor) a nolle pros on my two infractions and the to let her argue out my reckless in front of the judge against the trooper and the commonwealth.
    Andi Geloo stood fast and countered all the commonwealth and the trooper brought against me (witch was alot they had on me) Andi made my case so well the judge agreed to reduce my reckless driving charge to improper driving.
    Absolutely the best outcome i could have ever hoped for. I had three charges against me one of witch was a misdemeanor (reckless). Two of them got nolle pross & the big reckless reduced to improper driving! and i am not a criminal for the rest of my life thanks to Andi Geloo …. I honestly could not have imagined a better final disposition Unless i had a time machine…
    Thank You so very much Andi You made it possible for me to be in control of my life again instead of the court and to be able to move forward with my life and health. I will never forget. Thanks again.

    Sincerely your friend, Drew

  123. After being charged for reckless driving going 87 in a 65 in Arlington, I contacted Andi and she was extremely helpful. She advised me on what to do before my court date which would benefit me in the long run. She was very personable and professional and did everything she could to get my reckless driving dropped. Andi ended up getting my reckless driving dropped down to a speeding infraction and paying a fine of $250. She made me feel comfortable and made sure I understood the process. I highly recommend Andi to anyone looking for a lawyer for reckless driving. Thank you Andi Geloo!

  124. I was convicted for reckless driving for diving at a speed of 80 in 55 speed zone,i just saw some random website in search of attorney and hear found a wonderful personality Andi Geloo. i was a bit confused whether she was the right attorney or not in the beginning, but since the time i called and talk to her regarding my situation she told be where i exactly stand and what would be the best that she could do. her confidence and frankness made me more comfortable and then she told me what i have to get ready before the court date and she followed up with me before the court date. at the court she did her miracle and got me what she promised me. my reckless driving was dropped to speeding and cam rout with a less fine.
    I felt like i was speaking with a very close FRIEND when i was taking to her at the court.
    Andi Geloo :- The awesome attorney , Good friend
    Never hesitate to have her as you Attorney. you will me a good person for sure.

  125. Andi is everything thing I could have hoped for and more. With Andi, my outcome was by far the best case scenario. She did everything to make a tough situation go as smooth as possible. Thanks, Andi!

  126. Andi was highly recommended by another law firm, and after hearing glowing remarks from others she had represented, I was confident I made the right choice in selecting her …

    I was very pleased with the outcome of my reckless driving charge , which she got dismissed , reduced to an infraction !

    Andi is the best! Just read the numerous other positive reviews … You will be very happy with her !

  127. Andi was absolutely perfect! She gave very detailed instructions on how to prepare for my reckless driving case. I followed them all and she got my case dismissed! But, most importantly, Andi saw how stressed I was and really cared for me. She is a wonderful combination of great legal skills and has a very caring nature. If you are in trouble, go with Andi and you will be glad. I know that I am.

  128. Ok. Where do I begin? Well, I know I hired a very good attorney here, because I know I had a pretty threatening case on the line, and that I hired the right person. How do I know I got in contact with the right person? Well I had a 1st misdemeanor charge 2 years ago, and I was told to hire anyone to get a reduced charge. I won’t mention who I hired, but it wasn’t the right one because I paid a fair amount to them, showed up in court with that guy, told me what the verdict was, a painful one by the way, and didn’t give me the option to go to trial. I lost the case and I started to believe that all attorneys just grab your money and don’t help anyone…

    I was wrong now, because I had a new misdemeanor charge a few weeks ago, and I was really scared. I researched online and found this page, and I already was thinking that this service was too good to be true after reading the testimonials, specially after getting contact with this one, and she has given me actual suggestions, unlike the first one, and sounded very nice over the phone, despite that my driving record was horrifying. Getting to the point, my case turned out to be satisfactory. If I hadn’t won the case, I would have been offered to go to trial, again… Unlike my first one…, and now I am strongly recommending her! Despite that I don’t get to save pocket money like everyone wishes, it was worth every penny! My record is surprising safe…..Thanks Andi!

  129. I had a relatively straightforward case of reckless driving. I was going 80 on Dulles Toll Road and the speeding limit was 55. Easy or not, Andi got me the best possible outcome: a vastly reduced speeding ticket. So not only is she highly effective but also very caring. She is respected in the courtroom and well known. I recommend her services strongly. She’s a true professional. Don’t be fooled by her charm and good looks, she’s a fighter.

  130. I cannot recommend Andi highly enough. She is absolutely PHENOMENAL!

    Andi went above and beyond for me. She made me feel very relaxed when my nerves were all over the place. She brought my reckless driving down to a minor infraction with a fine of only $100.00. I was shocked and relieved. I will never forget her. She’s truly a gem and very sweet. I hope to never put myself in this situation again, but her card will forever remain in my wallet. If you’re ‘thinking’ about retaining her, you’re wasting time, just do it. She won’t let you down. Thank you for everything Andi!!!!

    I wish you all the success you work so hard for. Take care!

  131. Andi G is everything thing I could have hoped for and more. With her my outcome was by far the best thing that could have happened. She helped me do everything to make a my reckless driving situation be changed to a speeding tickect which I was more than happy to pay..

  132. I was visiting Virginia for a week when I got hit by two reckless driving tickets, one for going 93 in a 70 zone and one for 80 in a 55 zone. I was looking at more than $2500 in fines and possible jail time.

    As a college student in his first serious legal situation, I could not have found a better attorney. Andi reassured me many times that I’d be okay and explained in detail my options. She truly goes above and beyond for her clients.

    In the end, Andi was able to reduce the 93/70 case from a potential $2500 fine to a $250 one, without a license suspension or jail time. This was also in a particularly strict court, where many similar cases did not receive as favorable results. As for the 80/55, Andi was able to reduce the reckless driving to a speeding ticket with a $250 fine.

    I could not have asked for better results. I would recommend Andi to others in a heartbeat.

  133. Andi is a terrific lawyer! She was able to get my case that involved two misdemeanors reduced A LOT…I am extremely happy with the outcome. I was initially worried about jail time but didn’t even end up with any convictions thanks to Andi! Plus–she went out of her way to a southern VA court that she does not normally practice in, which is a real testament to her care for her clients. She also offered to monitor my case for me until my charges are dismissed (one pending until I complete community service). On top of all of this, she continued another case she had scheduled for the day of my case in order to accommodate me after I expressed that I was most comfortable with her as my counsel. I will definitely recommend her to any family/friends in the future that need help with criminal cases.

    PS, other lawyers in the area told me I’d be lucky to get one charge dismissed if I agreed to be found guilty of my reckless driving–Andi was able to help me leave court with no convictions.

  134. Andi Geloo is a phenomenal attorney!

    I began contact with her like everyone – through a referral. It’s amazing how lucky I was to come in contact with her. I won’t get into the details of my case, but I was charged with reckless driving in Fairfax County in July 2015 (my case involved mostly speeding). This was the first time I’ve been charged with this type of thing and initially I wasn’t worried. I figured I’d go to court, say I’m sorry, and walk away with a higher than normal speeding ticket. A week before my court date a friend told me they got a similar charge and got their license revoked. I have a full time job and couldn’t afford to have a license suspension. That night I began a frantic search for help. I emailed three random law firms I found online. The next day I got an email from one of the firms I applied to, but they didn’t practice in Fairfax, and they immediately referred me to Andi with high praise. The other two firms didn’t reply to my requests. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was a major turning point for my case – the day I got contact with Andi.

    Andi called me shortly after my referral and we discussed my situation. She was honest, realistic, and professional about my situation. She laid out my consequences and what I did in the eyes of my municipality, which was a real eye-opener from what I read online. From then on she and I emailed back and forth about different things before trial (which was the following week.) Throughout the process she asked/answered questions on my progress and was extremely responsive.

    She is truly amazing – I’ve never dealt with attorneys in the past, but Andi Geloo restored my confidence in the legal system. She’s a real person who cares for people and the legal process. My charges were eventually reduced considerably and I owe this completely to Andi and her expert guidance throughout the process.

    As many previous people have mentioned, her card will remain in my wallet from now on, only to be used by close friends encountering similar circumstances. She really is a phenomenal attorney and I’m thankful to have come in contact with her.

    Thank you very much Andi – I really appreciate what you’ve done and won’t forget it!!


  135. I was referred to Andi by another lawyer since he does not practice in Prince William county. Andi was very responsive with phone calls and emails and was very thorough in terms of documents, explanations, etc. I was actually apprehensive about using her initially because I usually would do my homework before hiring an attorney but since she was referred by another attorney, I simply hired Andi at their word and they were absolutely right about her. She represented me at court and was able to reduce my speeding from reckless down to only 9 miles over the speed limit which was amazing. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who may run into similar situation as I did.

  136. I was referred to Andi by an attorney friend since we are not VA residents. I was cited for a reckless driving charge in VA while making a long overnight trip back home to PA, from TN. Andi and I connected over email, and she was professional and straightforward from the very beginning. I appreciated her efficiency in trying to resolve, since I had to handle this matter out of state. And honestly, only after a few email exchanges, we were set for the court date. And sure enough she was able to get all charges dropped!. CHARGES DROPPED!! Not even a fine or other consequences.

    Thank you Andi for your due diligence, your expertise and efficiency. Amazing!!!! I hope to never be in this predicament again, but if I do, I’ll know exactly who I can contact.

  137. Andi is absolutely amazing! She walked me through everything and provided me with so much assistance and care. She was able to work my reckless driving down to a speeding infraction, all the while being extremely nice. She is an absolute sweetheart and I would recommend her any day and to any one!

  138. I was facing a reckless driving charge in VA, Arlington county, for speeding 79/55. She has been extremely helpful and kind, she gave me a lot of useful advices before the trial date. She was able to reduce my charge to a speeding infraction, 74/55, for which I had to pay only a fine. She has excellent skills in court, I definitely recommend her name.
    thank you andi

  139. Ms. Andi Geloo was recommend to me from Mr. Andrew Flushe (Stafford County), and all I can say is I can’t thank them both enough. Highly professional and enthusiastically supportive in your best interest. Ms. Geloo represented me with professionalism and was able to save me from a world of hurt. She is a wonderful person inside and out and will strive to get the best outcome for your situation. I would not hesitate to call her again should I need advice and guidance and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking legal representation. Thank you Andi for being there for me every step of the way and for your dedication to my case!!

  140. I was recently represented by Ms. Geloo in Clarke county for reckless driving issued by the Virginia State Police. I followed her advice to attend a drivers improvement class and have my speedometer inspected by a mechanic. Ms. Geloo was able to come to an agreement with the prosecutor to have it reduced to an infraction. My experience with Ms. Geloo was pleasant and she is beyond outstanding on developing rapport with her clients. Highly recommended! Thank you Ms. Geloo! 🙂

  141. Andi is great! I was very concerned when I got a reckless driving charge and a court date when driving through Prince William County, VA. She put me at ease when I spoke with her. She was extremely professional, knowledgeable, cared about actually helping, and an absolute sweetheart. I highly recommend ignoring all of the advertising mail you receive and contact Andi!!

  142. I was referred to Ms. Geloo by Andrew Flusche’s office for a reckless driving ticket I received in Prince William’s County. She was extremely professional and was able to make recommendations immediately that would be able to help me in court when I stood in front of a judge.

    Since, this is my first ticket I was not sure what to expect, but Andi was very knowledgeable and put my mind at ease.

    On the day of my court appearance, Andi spoke to the prosecutor and was able to secure a highly favorable decision on the basis of my having attended driving school prior to my court date (Andi’s recommendation).

    I would definitely recommend Andi if you are ever in the same position and that you follow any advice she gives you.

  143. I received a reckless driving ticket, and it was an especially serious charge to me, as I was in the middle of a job search. I started looking for attorneys, and my traffic school instructor (and one of the classmates) recommended Ms Geloo.

    Andi told me everything I needed to have in order before our court date, and I followed her instructions to the letter (I would recommend that others do this too, even if it costs a few dollars – you will come out ahead in the long run).

    On the morning of the court appearance, we got there early so Andi could be among the first to find a prosecutor she could deal with. Arlington reduced my charge, and Ms. Geloo even led me to the clerk’s desk to make sure everything was recorded correctly.

    On top of all this, Andi was easy to reach out to throughout the entire process, and put me at ease with her confidence. I highly recommend her.

  144. Andi was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in my recent reckless driving charge. She always answered all of my questions quickly and very detailed. She was able to reduce my charge to a speeding infraction, 64/55, for which I had to pay only a fine.

    I highly recommend Andi to anyone seeking legal advice.

  145. I was recently charged with reckless driving, and was just going to accept the ticket until I spoke with Andi. I had no idea of the impact that it could have, not only with my driving record but with my employer also as it is not just a simple traffic infraction, but a misdemeanor charge as well. Andi provided me great insight about the pending charge, the potential long term affects it could have and what SHE would do to fight to get the charge reduced, so I decided to obtain her services to represent me.

    Prior to the court date, Andi got me prepared with great advice and also recommended some things I could do to help with getting the charges reduced. On the day of my hearing, I watched her as she skillfully discussed my charges not only with the officer who initially charged me with reckless driving, but also with the Commonwealth’s Attorney. She knows what issues the police and Commonwealth are attuned to, and uses that to negotiate. My charge was reduced to simple speeding due to her competent skills in negotiating. I highly recommend Andi to anyone who may face similar charges, She is extremely skilled in her trade and fights hard for you.

  146. If you are going to exceed the speed limit in Virginia, don’t go faster than 80 and don’t do more than 20 over the speed limit. Period. If you are reading this, you probably already have done this, are not happy and have some questions. Here’s the bottom line: Citations for these offenses are not minor speeding tickets, they are $2500 reckless driving (RD) misdemeanors that are going to relieve you of at least 1000 of your hard-earned dollars no matter what you do. See, a reckless driving charge means you will either have to appear in court just to have the judge find you guilty and throw the book at you. Or…. you will have to hire a lawyer to negotiate with the Commonwealth Attorney (CA) in court to get the reckless driving charge reduced to something that won’t give you a criminal record for life. Note that the CA will not deal with the defendant, only another lawyer.

    It’s a money-making racket for Virginia, no doubt, and I have vowed to stop all vacation-type leisure activities in Virginia because of this law. No Skyline Drive, no Kings Dominion, no Virginia Beach, no Jiffy Lube Live, nothing! I won’t even stop in Virginia anymore to buy gas when travelling. Bitter? You bet.

    Fortunately, when looking for an attorney, we found Andi Geloo who worked with us and represented us in court, getting the charge reduced to simple speeding and a $200 fine. She’s the best and made it possible to put my son’s RD charge behind him. She is very responsive via e-mail, texts and phone calls. She does this because she loves to help people, and it shows. There are lots of RD attorneys out there, but when you have to, she’s the one you want to hire. Thanks Andi!

  147. Andi is the absolute best! She definitely cares about your case and will work her hardest to ensure the best outcome. I love that when I called for a consultation, I spoke directly to her, she was very empathetic and actually cared about my case. When I needed to communicate with her, via email she would reply in less than 20 minutes.
    When I arrived in court, she alerted me that my speed was the highest of the day and the prosecutor did not want to drop it (89/55), .but she pushed and pushed and got it dropped to improper driving.
    This is my first experience with an attorney and I will for sure come back to her if I ever need another.

  148. Got some very helpful advice from Andi Geloo and I’m very thankful. Now I have a name and number in my contacts for a great attorney. She will be my “go to” lawyer and would definitely recommend her to my friends and coworkers.

  149. Anid Geloo is a great, productive professional. When I first contacted her, she return my message on a Saturday. She gave me great advice from the beginning and help me execute a plan that ultimately reduced my charge. I never thought I would need an attorney for a traffic charge, but in Fairfax County it is a must. She knows the court and the system extremely well, and she is a tenacious advocate for her clients. Please contact her for a consultation from day one. The longer the process goes, the higher the fees and court cost. I know! I wish I would have know Andi the day I received my ticket. If I would have called her, it would have saved me time and money! Thanks again Andi, Scott

  150. I was so impressed with Andi’s process, preparation and results. She aggressively advocated on my behalf, and “worked” the situation to a positive conclusion. She is smart, savvy and successful! Many thanks, Andi!!!

  151. I am very thankful to have had Ms. Geloo represent me. She went above and beyond to ensure an outcome she could be proud of and I would be pleased with. She was very professional and maintained great communication via email and phone. When other attorneys settled with the prosecutor and were unwilling to advocate for their clients, Ms. Geloo would not settle. She requested the case be continued, advised me on additional actions that I should take to help the case and used it as ammunition before the judge. I was the ONLY client who was found NOT GUILTY on reckless driving that day in court. This speaks to the caliber of attorney and her persistence and ability to advocate. She was very astute to the judge, prosecutor, and courtroom (environment) and presented appropriately to what she observed. I know Ms. Geloo will continue to be successful as an attorney. She truly cares for her clients. Thank you Ms. Geloo!!!

  152. I will reiterate what has already been posted here. Ms. Geloo is a dedicated, hard-working, smart and honest attorney. But what is even more important, is that she is a human being — and has a unique combination of authenticity and perseverance. Someone described her as a “bulldog.” But lest you think that means that she is unpleasant or unapproachable, know that gets the job done with kindness and compassion as well as her persistence. I am very happy with the outcome of my traffic problems — and as has been said, I believe the outcome was much better than if I had been alone in the courtroom. God Bless you, Ms. Geloo!

  153. Andi was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable in my recent reckless driving charge. She always answered all of my questions quickly and very detailed, She is very smart and highly talented and She has got very good presentation skill. She was able to reduce my charge to a speeding infraction, 90/70, for which I had to pay only a fine.

    I highly recommend Andi to anyone seeking legal advice

  154. Andi knew exactly what she was doing and had me do everything necessary to reduce my reckless ticket to only speeding. I am so glad I got in contact with her. She is extremely professional and caring towards her clients.

    I would recommend Andi to all of my family and friends.

  155. I got agressive driving ticket in residential I have contacted Andi to represent, it’s such a pleasure working with her. She walked me through how to handle and im very glad I picked her. I was nervous but she took care of it like a piece of cake and reduced to normal 1-9 speeding ticket, which is awesome. I highly recommend her.
    Thanks Andi

  156. I cannot express the love and admiration I have for Andi. She fought for me and even gave me sweet words of encouragement when my anxiety overcame me – several times! Having her by my side made everything much less scary. Thanks for being there for me Andi – you have my eternal gratitude!!

  157. I am very happy with Ms. Geloo’s professionalism and knowledge.
    I was getting ready to hire another attorney, but when I saw all the positive feedback here, I felt that she will be able to do the job, and that’s what happened, I had a speeding ticket of 20 miles over speed limit, she was able to cancel all 6 points and I had to pay court fees and $100 fine only, although I was expecting her to reduce it to 3 points, but she eliminated all points, Thank You for the great job.
    She was reachable any time and she replied promptly to any email or phone call.
    Even same day after court she sent me an email congratulating me.
    Thank you Andi,

  158. I couldn’t have asked for a better referral. I received a ticket for driving 76 mph in a 55 during inclement weather (reckless). Everyone warned me that Fairfax, VA was extremely tough with speeders. Thank God I did my research ahead of time to find Andi. She gave me a number assignments before my court date to help my case. I was very nervous the day of my trial and she could sense that. With her calm nature and confidence, she was able to make me feel at ease. I knew I was in good hands with her throughout the entire experience. She was successful in being able to bring my charge down from reckless to speeding. I definitely couldn’t have done any of this without her.

    I hope none of my friends never have to be in the same situation as I was, but in case they ever are, I will be sure to refer them to Andi. She takes the best care of her clients.

  159. I hired Ms. Geloo for a reckless driving case, since I first contacted her she always explained everything to me and was very helpful answering every question I had. She was able to reduce it to a minor infraction of improper driving and I just had to paid a $75 fine which was amazing. I am very pleased with her services and definitely recommend her. Thank you for everything Andi!

  160. A delight. Andi puts all nerves at ease and has your back. Has a friendly demeanor you can connect with while having that keen legal negotiating dexterity required for your best result. Even the judge said it was good to see her which tells me Andi is highly respected. Any email questions I had were always answered. When I say answered, I mean unbelievably fast, usually within 10 minutes. I followed her detailed advice for what I needed to do and she took care of the rest. RD down to a 0-9 speeding infraction. Recommendation without hesitation.

  161. I was driving from out of state on an open road going upper 80s in a 55—my first speeding incident in well over a decade—and was issued a reckless driving “ticket.” Never thought I would have to lawyer-up until I did some research and found out the severity of it and how I was speeding in about the worst place to speed in the country. Aside from potential jail, license suspension, a major fine, points, car insurance tripling for several years, having a criminal record, and all of the things that would snowball affect…there wasn’t that much at stake! It then became I apparent I had to pay for my very first lawyer. I was referred by another attorney I called who didn’t cover that county and Andi called me immediately. After speaking with her, I read all of these reviews and thought how could all 100 or so of them be wrong? They are not!

    I interviewed about 5 lawyers to do my due diligence still and she was the only one who was confident enough to try to nip it in the bud at the initial arraignment before the actual hearing months later. Just like all of these reviews you read before this…she did just that. She had me do numerous things pre-emptively to increase my probability and she got it down to a speeding ticket just as she aimed to. By the way, before she plead my case, the judge was very skeptical that anything she would say would make a difference.

    Andi, of all the times ever I’ve thanked another human being in my life, you’re definitely somewhere around the top. God bless you. And yes, I don’t even walk fast anymore—I learned my lesson!

  162. Today Ms. Geloo exceeded my expectations in every way. She is kind, courteous, and willing to do what she has to get her clients what they need. I hired Ms. Geloo to represent me today for my reckless driving offense. She got it reduced to almost nothing compared to what I could have been facing. From initial contact she pointed me in all the right directions to help her to help me. She has such a positive outlook on the situation no matter how bad it may seem, and that helps so much to put you at ease about your situation. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you for all of your help Andi!

  163. To whom it may concern,
    Andi represented me last week on a Petit Larceny case in Fairfax. When I first contacted her, I was a complete mess, nervous, scared and uncertain of what the future would be. She calmed me down, gave peace of mind and told me everything would be ok. She was right. When the court date arrived, she was able to get me a fantastic deal, couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

    I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude to Andi and wouldn’t doubt to recommend her services – Andi Geloo is an outstanding professional and a great individual that actually cares about her client’s well being. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have someone like that in your corner when you need it and what a difference it made for me, both professionally and personally.

  164. I wholeheartedly recommend Andi Geloo if you have a traffic violation. I received a reckless driving ticket going 83/55, and she was able to get it lowered to a 64/55 and had it reduced to a speeding infraction, with a $250 fee. I was totally fine with the fee, as long I had the reckless charge removed from my record.

    All the way up to the case, she emailed with me and recommended different things for me to do to help my case, and she was always very quick to respond. I was so worried going into court because I had never had such a serious charge before in my life, but from the first moment I met her she set me at ease. She spoke with the police officer and prosecutor and in a matter of minutes was able to negotiate the terms down. She stayed with me the whole way, making sure to sit with me and pay the ticket to ensure the correct charge was on my receipt. Thank you Andi, you’re the best!

  165. EVERYTHING YOU’RE READING ABOUT ANDI IS TRUE. She sounds too good to be true, but this is one of the very few times in life where it’s both too good AND true. Something seemed fishy about all of these comments about how amazing Andi is, but I’m here to tell you that all of it is true.

    When I got summoned with a reckless driving by speed (83 in a 55), I was pretty terrified (for a little background, I had a perfect driving record and +5 points). I did my research and found out that Virginia takes reckless speeding very seriously, classing it as the same level of misdemeanor as drunk driving and hit and runs. I didn’t want a misdemeanor sitting on my record for life, and I didn’t want skyrocketed insurance premiums.

    I hired Andi for my court appearance today and she made a deal with the DA to reduce my reckless (83!!/55) all the way down to failure to obey a highway sign. Which is one of the LOWEST moving traffic violations in Virginia. Granted I paid a relatively hefty fine of $250, I will have a nearly spotless driving record despite being an idiot and getting caught for it.

    Seriously, Andi knows how to make miracles happen. Also, I lost my expensive lip gloss at the court house and she’s investigating where it is tomorrow to get it back to me. Just when I thought this woman couldn’t get any cooler.

    Don’t mess around with a class 1 misdemeanor. HIRE ANDI.

  166. As always, Andi got me off the hook. Despite very stingy judges and prosecutors and policemen along the way, she got me such a significantly lesser charge that it won’t even appear on my record. She is like “Mr. Scott” from Star Trek. When Captain Kirk needs a miracle, he knows who to call. And so do I.

  167. Andi helped me successfully drop the reckless driving charge and I would absolutely recommend her, not only because of her professional expertise to help the clients, but also the caring from her and the confidence you can feel when discussing the case, which make her different from other lawyers. She will not compromise an ok result if she thinks that’s not fair, instead she will fight every possible ways to help her client to achieve the best result. Again, thank you so much Andi!

  168. There is not enough space in this format nor can I find the words to adequately express my gratitude. Andi represented me on a reckless driving -by speed, charge on 4/5/2016. If convicted, this charge can result in pretty substantial penalties including jail time which we all know has a disastrous impact on your public record and in some cases, employment. From the beginning Andi was prompt, extremely responsive, honest about the entire situation, and forthcoming with tools that I could access in order to assist her in advocating for me. Overall she is very professional and will go out of her way for her clients. What truly captured me is her level of honesty and integrity, and this goes a long way. God forbid I ever find myself in a jam such as this one again, but I can assure you that I would call her again without hesitation. I followed each of the steps Andi suggested and she was able to have my case dismissed.

  169. Ms Geloo is the one you want – but only if you want the best. I have had other attorneys is Virginia and other states and she is hands down superior to all of them. My wife had a serious traffic case that we were very concerned about because of the possible consequences. Andi stepped into our lives, recommended what we should do to prepare for my wife’s court date and then came to court and negotiated a deal with the prosecutor we could have only dreamed for. Ms. Geloo is worth every penny you pay her. Although no lawyer can guarantee the great results we had in court, Ms Geloo offers the best hope you can have when you are in trouble. We agree with another of the posters to this web site – DON’T MESS AROUND, HIRE THE BEST – ANDI GELOO.

  170. Thank you Andi for representing me continue success always . Just when I thought all was lost you made the judge see things your way if just for a bit it was a big accomplishment. I am very happy with the outcome. Hiring you is money well spent . What more can I say about Andi that hasn’t been said

  171. I can’t say enough about Andi Geloo! Her services have been without question THE BEST!! She helped me through a difficult circumstance, and not only was my case a success, but the care, time, and consideration she put into it was remarkable! I cannot thank you enough Andi! Thanks for treating me like a person and not just another case.

  172. Andi Geloo did an excellent job representing me. She is both personable and professional, and I highly recommend her. I received a 93/55 reckless charge, expecting a 6 month license suspension, and she was able to reduce the charge to a speeding infraction! Andi is definitely the person you want on your side in the awful Fairfax County General District Court.

  173. Andi is a miracle worker! She got my 24mph over the speed limit reduced to a non moving violation. She truly exceeded my expectations. Prior to going to court, she was very thorough in keeping me informed every step of the way. Andi treated me like a family friend and was extremely sincere in helping. If I ever need legal representation, I will absolutely use her services again. Thank you Andi!

  174. I received a reckless driving ticket (85 in a 55) by a VA state trooper and the first thing I thought was how much this would impact me and my family since the ticket falls under a reckless charge. This had a potential to impact my ability to hold a drivers license, insurance rates, and even possible jail time. Basically it is all bad news.

    I hired Ms. Andi Geloo initially for a multitude of reasons, and I am glad I did.
    1. She came highly recommended by another person within my wife’s law firm (note, this is a different firm from Andi’s firm).
    2. Her ratings and testimonials on both her website and Avvo.com
    3. SHE was the one who communicated directly with me and would represent me in court versus some other firms where you deal with a legal intern.
    4. She spent numerous times (sometimes late at night) answering my emails within the same day. In that time she gave me great advice and direction on how to prepare for my case.

    All of these points helped ease my anxiety that I hired the right person for a less than pleasant situation.

    So to all who have received a reckless driving ticket within the state of Virginia, if there is one smart thing you can do for your situation is hire Ms. Geloo to represent you in your case. I know how hard she fought to get my ticket reduced and she was able to get a reckless (class 1 misdemeanor in Virginia) and a 6 point ticket down to 74 in a 55 which is considered a traffic infraction. Now a 4 point ticket still has a heft of penalty, but when compared to a 6 point and reckless charge, I was more than pleased with the results. Plus, she did this all on her birthday! Even I don’t work on my birthday.

    For all the reasons above, that I am grateful of her services and hard work and highly recommend her.

    Thank you Ms. Geloo.

  175. Andi Geloo is an excellent, honest, caring lawyer.

    She was recommended to me by a friend, who is also a lawyer.

    If you feel that you need an experienced friend to guide you through the confusing legal system in Northern Virginia, Andi will be that friend. Her advice through every step of the way was excellent.

    She is readily available to give help. Although she is quite busy, she still had time for prompt well thought out replies to my questions. She helped me when I was in the middle of a job transfer and could not help myself.

    I am old school and still have a dumb phone, but I had a smart lawyer when I hired Andi and that made the difference.

    She is a real life saver and a beautiful soul.

    Thanks again Andi for all of your help, I will never forget how excellent, professional, and caring you are.

    If anyone in the Northern Virginia area has a legal problem I recommend Andi with the highest recommendation I can possibly give.

  176. Andi got me out of a pinch, using all of her resources. She handled the situation completely professionally and I was so impressed by how fast she even responded to all of the emails that I sent her. On the day that I had to go to court I was extremely nervous, and she assured me that she would take care of me, and she did. Before court had even started she had talked to the prosecutor and my officer and got the reckless driving charge dropped to just speeding. Needless to say I was relieved when she came back to me and told me this would be the outcome before we had even entered the court room. She is amazing in and out of the court house. I cannot thank her enough for everything that she did for me. She genuinely cared about me and that made me feel way less nervous. I highly recommend her.

  177. Based upon a friend’s recommendation, I asked Ms Andi Geloo to represent me on a charge of reckless driving. Ms Geloo gave me a straight forward appraisal of my case and what to do in preparing for the court date. I was pleased to learn that she was able to achieve a very favorable outcome without me actually have to appear in court. I would recommend her to anyone! She is the best.

  178. Andi Geloo is the BEST!

    Just came back from court; Ms. Geloo not only had the reckless charge dropped, but my fine was little to nothing!!!

    To be honest, she did better than I expected 😉

    My advice- don’t go to court without Andi Geloo, she’s an excellent communicator, she treat’s you like family, also very smart and I must say…
    She’s quite gorgeous too 🙂

    Kudos Andi! Thank you for everything!!


  179. If you have not yet chosen an attorney, stop. Call Andi Geloo now. Be upfront and follow her advice as much as possible. She was able to fight for me and get my charge significantly reduced, despite the prosecutor being unwilling to discuss anything reasonable. She is superb all around and brilliant to boot!

  180. As a teenager with his first traffic ticket and that being a reckless I quickly was panicking. As soon as I got Andi on the phone she was able to calm me down and prove prestige legal advice. She represented me on my court date with excellent professionalism and demeanor. She is worth every cent and would recommend her to anyone.

  181. Andi Geloo was recommended to me by another lawyer and I’m so grateful because she is clearly the best lawyer to have by your side in northern Virginia traffic court. I hired her to represent me on a reckless driving charge. Not only did she succeed at getting my charge dismissed, but I followed her recommendations to the letter and have emerged from this experience as a better driver. Even someone driving for 36 years can learn new things! Andi is a force of nature and I’m so glad she was on my side. Thank you Andi!

  182. Andi Geloo came highly recommended and believe me, she did not disappoint. Andi was a found treasure! I was fortunate to have found Andi – extremely knowledgeable in her field, personable and friendly attitude and superb work ethic. She was forthright in providing the best and worst case scenarios of my case. One never really can foresee the outcome of any particular court case, but I can sincerely testify that Andi gave over 100% to my issue. My outcome was completely positive and in my favor and I give credit, first to God, and then to Andi for allowing herself to be the vessel that carried me through this “less than happy occasion.” I have never spoken with an attorney that was as compassionate, gracious and kind as Andi. From my experience, I would say that she operate with heart and dedication. I truly believe that my case could easily have had a very different resolution had someone else taken the case. In this day and age, it is very rare to receive such quality service. She is a very humble attorney and what I mean by that is that she made herself accessible ALWAYS, returned calls promptly, assured me that she would help in whatever way she could…THEN…she followed through in a very timely manner. What a refreshing attorneys to do business with! I would and will refer her to anyone who is in need of legal services. May God continue to bless her and her efforts. Thank you so very much.

  183. After some research based on clients reviews and an intial meeting with Andi Geloo, I decided to go with her. It was a choice I will never regret. Her service exceeded my expectations. Andi was thoroughly professional, compassionate, available and uniquely kind throughout my case. She was able to make my charge go away and she did so with her knowledge and passion. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anybody. Andi is the kind of counselor you want in your corner. I felt safe and taken care of from the very beginning. She fights for you and she wins for you. Thank you Andi

  184. Andi Geloo, I highly recommend anybody to hire her as an Attorney.
    I found her on yelp with good review and took initiative to contact her on Saturday late night. She took my case on early Sunday and responded quickly regarding my reckless driving case.

    She showed me the process very clearly in verbal and written and lead me to perform whatever needed to be done on my side. After providing all the necessary items that she asked for she took them to court.

    After anxiously waiting for the result on the court date (which I didn’t even attend), I got a favorable result. The reckless driving misdemeanor charge was amended down to infraction of 64/55. Not sure how she got it down to 64!? But I am a satisfied customer.

    Not only she got the case handled well, she was courteous enough to text me the result and email the result and also provide me with the instruction on what needs to be done to close my case.

    She is an excellent attorney and I would hire her again (of course I would not want to be in the situation again) if needed!

    I would recommend her 200% if you need an attorney.
    You will be taken care of without a doubt.

    Thank you Andi Geloo!

  185. It went really well. Andi was very attentive and responded to emails and calls right away. She helped me build a file that she was able to use to negotiate a better deal. I literally saw a kid in front of me with very similar charges being walked off in handcuffs. But I was able to go home with a $200 fine and no criminal record! Like I said at the time, I guess this is how it goes in the real world. She did a great job and you’d be well advised to have her in your corner.

  186. This is a nightmare situation every parent wants to avoid. Our son came home with a reckless driving ticket doing over 90 on 66. In Virginia, that’s a misdemeanor criminal charge – not good, stays on your record, insurance premium spikes, security clearances get affected, not counting all the penalties that could include a weekend in jail. We looked up a lawyer whose office said they don’t take cases in Prince William county, but immediately directed us to Andi Geloo and we retained her. Little did we know that was the best decision we ever made. I keep saying we, because this was a family matter – it affected us all. Our son was going to college and working nights to pay for his expenses. A loss of driving privileges would be ruinous. Andi told us she would take excellent care of son and she certainly did. All her advice and counsel paid off. She was able to get the reckless driving reduced to a speed infraction, an amazing feat in itself, especially in light of none others that day, with the same charge, were able to do so. She knew exactly what she was doing and did so masterfully. She is methodical in her approach and clear minded on what needs to be done. In addition, Andi has a wonderful personality and is very personable. We most highly recommend her.

  187. If you want an attorney who will fight for you then you don’t need to look any further than Andi Geloo. I was in Fairfax county court today for a reckless driving charge. Andi made sure it was reduced to a speeding ticket. No points no suspension of driving privileges no criminal record. She even assured me that if she couldn’t get the charge reduced she would ask for a continuance without charging me more. She made me feel like I was her only case and concern. Long story short, you need and attorney, get Andi……

  188. I hired Andi Geloo for a Reckless Driving charge and Andi got it dismissed. Andi Geloo was the most kind and reassuring, yet confident and capable lawyer in the courtroom. I was honored to have her as my lawyer and highly recommend her to anyone. From the day we contacted her, her extensive communication and professionalism was more impressive than any other lawyer contacting us. She led me clearly through the process of what I needed to do, and constantly reassured me that I would be taken care of. I can never thank Andi enough and if you hire her, I’m sure you will feel the same.

  189. I hired Andi Geloo after receiving a reckless driving ticket in Front Royal, VA, going 96MPH in a 70MPH zone. As an Army Soldier with a Clearance, I started freaking out that with this misdemeanor, I’d lose my clearance. Andi reassured me that she’d fight for me as hard as she could. She won’t lie to you; she may tell you something you don’t want to hear, but that’s what you want. Don’t throw your money away on another lawyer that tells you what you want to hear, use it on Andi who tells you what you need to hear. Going into the courthouse, we had the hardest judge in that courthouse, and a brand new prosecutor that wasn’t cutting any deals to show she’s not weak. Andi was able to talk to her one on one and get the charge reduced to improper driving! After I thought it was over with a 500 dollar penalty, Andi said we aren’t done yet, and even got that payment reduced to 150 dollars! Andi’s professionalism, work ethic, and fight she has is worth more than every penny you’ll spend hiring her. I will always recommend her, you can’t go wrong!

  190. Andi was absolutely the best lawyer I could have asked for! I got a reckless speeding charge for going 84/55 on the Dulles Toll Rd on my way to work. Once I realized the seriousness of the charge, I reached out to a lawyer in another county who recommended I call Andi and said she was the best in Fairfax County. I can certainly agree as Andi got my charge reduced to a regular speeding ticket and the fine knocked down to $150 even with the very tough judge we were assigned to that day. The best part though, was the peace of mind throughout the whole process. I felt like Andi’s only client and never had to worry about anything. Her recommendations and instructions were clear and communication was prompt. I will highly recommend Andi and keep her number handy in case my car gets me into trouble again 🙂

  191. The attorney I want by my side when I am in court for whatever reason is Andi Geloo. She gets you prepared you to ensure the best outcome, keeps you updated about the options you have while still being realistic.

    And the day of the court case, she had us meet early to go over our case, ensure our documentation was in order and provided some expectation management based on disparate factors. Going to court is not easy but when it’s your first time ever – you need someone like Andi to make it easy. She’s absolutely a JOY to work with and even when I was scared – at my lowest point in confidence she stood strong! Should I ever have a problem in the future I will call on Andi AGAIN – without a doubt. If anyone is looking to hire an attorney I strongly recommend Andi Geloo!

    It was even more gratifying when I saw other people in similar situations as me, with less desirable outcomes. Their lawyer did not go the extra mile like Andi. In fact, those poor folks would come to her afterwards to see if she could reverse their decisions. Unfortunately it does not work that way. My advice is don’t bargain with your future invest in a great lawyer – invest in Andi Geloo.


  192. Andi is absolutely AMAZING!!! Hire her without any doubt!!! Extremely professional yet personal. My reckless ticket caught me completely unprepared, I did not know what to do. I was lucky to have been referred to Andi Geloo! She guided me through the whole process, assured me of a good outcome (it was a great outcome thanks to Andi), she convinced me not to worry too much. On the court date she was very knowledgeable of the courtroom, and every person who worked there seemed to like her very much, which I think was a great asset. I don’t think any other lawyer in the courtroom had those qualities. Andi took care of me every step of the way and for that I am extremely thankful!!! I was definitely in great hands!!!

  193. Andi was an excellent attorney. She was very helpful from start to finish, and most importantly she was responsible for a great outcome in my case – much better than I expected. I would definitely recommend working with Andi, and if I or someone I know ever is in a similar situation in the future, Andi would be the first person I contact!

  194. Andi was extremely helpful and proficient with our case. My son is at the United States Naval Academy and was stopped in Prince William County as he returned to school after Thanksgiving break. He was clocked at 85 mph in a 70 mph zone on Rt. 66. Ms. Geloo was able to have his ticket reduced to 79 mph (so no longer “reckless” and no longer a misdemeanor!) and my son was not even required to appear at court – which would have been difficult as he is 75 miles away and would have needed to miss class and get special permission to be off the Yard.

  195. One late afternoon, I was driving through 66 east. A police officer stopped me. My driving speed was 86/70. It had been the first time a police officer stopped my car, and my first offence. I got the ticket and I was about to pay it online or by call. DO NOT DO THAT! Then, I realize it was a reckless driving speed ticket. I had never heard that kind of ticket before. After some research on that, I got really scared due to the real scenario I was involved. Immediately, I started looking for lawyers. Among all lawyers I have in my list, I chose Ms. Andi Geloo. It was the best decision. I followed all her instructions, and I had a really great outcome in my court day. No criminal records were sent. My reckless driving ticket was reduced to an infraction of 79/70 speed ticket. The fine for this ticket was $100.00 which was suspended on the same day. So, I just paid court fees.
    I truly recommend Ms. Geloo. She will really take care of you.

  196. This testimonial is a bit late but here it goes:

    Andi Geloo is an ANGEL sent from heaven! Honestly, look no farther and just choose her to represent you.
    I had a pending charge of Reckless Driving because I tried to pass two cars on a double yellow line (weak moment I’m not proud of). Of course, it was just my luck that the only time I ever did anything wrong, the police was there to catch it.
    Andi got my charge reduced so much so that not only will I maintain a clean record, but I also didn’t have any points deducted from my license. She really worked wonders…not to mention that she is the sweetest and most caring lawyer I’ve ever come across.
    Thank you once again for all you’ve done! <3

  197. Ms. Geloo is the only possibility if you want to give yourself the best possible outcome. What she did for my reckless driving charge was short of magical. I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome; got charge reduced to a non criminal, non moving violation (faulty speedometer) and no points taken!!!! This lady is pure class, great sense of humor and when she speaks with you, you’ll feel as if you’ve known her for a long time. Reckless driving is quite serious! Why take a chance?! I have already referred others to her. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!

  198. Andi is not only a wonderful attorney, but a compassionate human being. From the beginning she was very professional, explaining the possible outcomes of the case, realistic expectations, and what should be done to create the best possible outcome. In addition to being the professional that she is, she also took a personal approach to her work, providing reassurance that things would be okay. And she made sure that they were! I would highly recommend Andi to anyone facing facing significant charges in traffic court.

  199. I was pulled over going 78/55 in Arlington county and got a ticket for reckless. Being a graduate student with practically no income, I was extremely stressed about having to pay for a lawyer to get my ticket reduced. When I called Andi, she immediately emailed me a list of things I could do on my own if I couldn’t afford a lawyer. She then worked with me financially so I could afford to have her represent me and was very understanding about my situation.

    On my court date, I met another young woman who was also pulled over by the same officer on the same day I got my ticket. She didn’t have a lawyer and the judge wasn’t as lenient with her request to have the ticket reduced to speeding. Needless to say, I got my ticket reduced to a 73/55 and paid a fine! Andi really knows her stuff and was wonderful to work with. I’d highly recommend her to anyone!

  200. Ms. Geloo is easily the best attorney I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She was incredibly easy to contact (at all hours of the day) made sure I knew exactly what to do pre/during/post trial, and helped me throughout the entire ordeal that court can be. I was charged with a Reckless 80 in a 50 and she got it dropped to a MUCH lesser charge. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone that needs fair, reliable, grade A representation for court. If you have any doubts about your case, hire Ms. Geloo. She will give you the absolute best representation and defense you can find. And that is saying A LOT! 10/10


    After Andi worked her magic with the prosecutor and sat me down to let me know what the deal is, it became difficult for me to hold in my emotions and I felt like screaming and bawling tears of joy as I felt goosebumps all over. I was facing JAIL TIME for a Driving on Suspended(DOS) license along with 2 other minor infractions. I have an absolute terrible driving record. I did my research before court, I came across people that continuously received a jail sentence of some sort for being in the same position…. I…. walked…. out…. with just a $230 fine for the two infractions and my DOS was dropped. Andi is not just a one-of-a-kind attorney, she is also SO very pure that you can hear from her voice and the way she treats you that she really deeply cares about you and not just your money like many other lawyers. Please, do NOT hesitate to hire to represent you or anyone else you care for because in truth if I cared for anyone in trouble I’d want them in the safest hands possible; Andi Geloo. To Andi: I’m eternally thankful and grateful to have you enter my life and help me breathe again, help my family breathe again.

  202. Andi is amazing at her job but what makes her special is how she is as a person. I trusted her to represent me for driving offence, despite me never meeting her in person. She’s always there for you in the form of a email or phone call and genuinely shows real passion. No surprise she got the best result possible for me. Keep up the good work Andi!

  203. Andi is the best!! She somehow not only made me less nervous about my reckless driving charge, but she also made beating the charge a lot of fun! She did everything she promised, got me off the misdemeanor charge. I highly recommend this consummate professional! She’s an inspiration and a powerful force!

  204. So fortunate to have been referred to Andi Geloo to represent our daughter in traffic court. She was knowledgeable, gave great advice and prepped her for standing before the judge. She painted a personal positive picture for the judge and was successful in reducing the reckless driving charge and getting a reasonable fine. More importantly, she exuded warmth and genuine caring which went a long way to calming a very scared client. We recommend her highly!

  205. Andi Geloo represented me 2 years ago for my reckless case. I was so satisfied with her service that when I received another reckless ticket I contacted Andi. My case was not cut and dry. Andi attempted to speak with the prosecutor to reduce the charges. However, the prosecutor was unwilling to negotiate. Andi then advised me that my best option was to speak to the judge. The judge reduced my violation down to failure to obey a highway sign and my second charge was dismissed.
    I couldn’t have been happier with how my case turned out. Andi even went out of her way to advise me on another traffic violation case. I would highly recommend her services without hesitation.

  206. I had the great pleasure of having Andi represent me with an Arlington County Speeding ticket. She far exceeded any expectations that I had. It is very difficult to find attorneys for cases like this that have a true concern for their clients. She went above and beyond to make sure and respond to each of my questions instantaneously (which is not common with attorneys). When I had a concern during the case, she took time out of her day to pick up the phone and reach out to me. She gave me step by step instructions on what to do to have the best chances of a successful outcome and was informative every step of the way. Andi doesn’t chase clients through advertising and marketing; her clients seek her out. I left the courthouse feeling like I gained a friend. I will be using Andi and her practice for any future needs and can’t recommend her enough. She is an outstanding attorney, but more importantly, and outstanding individual. I feel honored that she was able to represent me.

  207. I received a reckless traffic violation for going 78 in a 35 mph zone back in Aug. 2017. I immediately thought of Andi Geloo because she successfully represented me back in 2008. I hired her and our objective was to reduce the charge to regular speeding and obviously to prevent me from a license suspension or even going to jail. This was a mighty challenge but she advised me very well in advance of what exactly to do including the drivers classes, community service, speed calibration, letters of character references, the reasons of my distraction while driving, etc. But all this ammunition was not enough. Andi’s court strategy and execution was the thing that really made the difference. We were successful at the end based on her persuasive conversation with judge outlining the facts of the case; based on her timing to postpone our docket to the end, etc. She is a true professional and knows what it takes to get the job done. I highly recommend her for any challenging case.

  208. I contacted Andi to help me with a traffic violation (passing a school bus). I was terrified and had so many questions for her. Luckily she was very patient, answered all of my questions, and helped me with the process every step of the way. The day of the trail, she was ready with all the papers and she fought very hard for me. She was able to get my case dismissed and saved me from very hefty fines and 4 points on my driving record for a stupid mistake.

  209. Andi is the best lawyer in town, she is more then a lawyer. Once you hire her, your problem is now hers. She takes her case very seriously. She is very patient, devoted and wonderful and a pleasent person.

    She is more then a lawyer to me. I consider her as my very good friend. Thank you Andi for such a amazing work.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did. You rock and you are always there to make a difference on people’s life!

  210. You could not ask for better. She is a fantastic attorney. I have worked with attorneys many times over the years (although not as the actual defendant), and she is a extremely different kind of person from what I have encountered. Although some may have been dedicated and competent, they could all learn from her regarding customer service and caring that she showed me. As many others have stated, she is constantly thinking of her court strategy and planning for the way ahead. She saved my job status and took a reckless charge down to speeding with minimal cost. Unequaled. Period.

  211. I could not have asked for a more professional, responsive, resourceful and helpful attorney with my case. Andi Geloo is all those things and more. She fights for you and helps you feel relaxed and confident before and during your court date. I had the best outcome I possibly could have had and it was all because of her. I will always recommend her to anyone.

  212. Mrs. Andi Geloo Esq. is the finest in criminal defense. Her professionalism and work ethic are nothing short of unprecedented. Andi came to my defense when an overzealous, forceful, and frankly unstable officer forced my vehicle to be towed for a reckless driving by speed charge, (89/55) on Dulles Toll road. I was denied the opportunity to select my own tow company, and my brand new vehicle was damaged as a result. Andi took the time to listen to me and understand the details regarding my case. Ultimately, Andi used them as tools to get the misdemeanor charge amended to a lower infraction by speed (74/55). She also got my expired inspection tossed out/ nolle prosequi. I’d like to highlight that throughout the whole process Andi was always prompt, courteous, and eager to help. Andi took the upmost care for me. Like the other comments here, the manor she cares for you is honestly synonymous to the love a family member or best-friend would provide. I highly recommend her service, and would definitely hire her again. Five stars. *****

  213. What can I say other than Andi Geloo is AMAZING!! I was charged with reckless driving (84/55). I was worried to the point that I had to leave work that day. Then I was recommended to Mrs. Geloo. From the beginning of the process to the end, she was great. She helped to calm my nerves about the possibility of getting jail time as well as made me feel as though everything would turn out fine. Mrs. Geloo managed to get my misdemeanor reduced to a simple infraction and got my speed reduced from (84/55) to (64/55). I honestly don’t know what would have happened without her and I honestly don’t want to know.

  214. I neglected to mention this in my previous comment but I without a doubt recommend Andi Geloo to anyone who is in need because I am unbelievably lucky to have found her. Five stars all the way

  215. I can’t express in words of how happy I feel that God made Andi Geloo cross my path due to a car accident in which I got a reckless driving ticket. I felt very scared when I first discovered what it meant to get a reckless driving ticket. I did not want to have a criminal record which would mean loosing my job and giving up on my career. Andi Geloo gave me all the advice that I needed to resolve this issue. She is simple, professional and she goes straight to the point. She is so excellent in what she does, she makes things so simple that I think she could do this with her eyes closed. She made me feel so unique, so special, she always replied to my text messages and email. She replied so fast that I felt especial! Thank you for the excellent customer service. So, my ticket was dismissed. Here is the outcome: “The six point criminal misdemeanor charge of reckless driving that was pending against you has been dismissed. The charge was reduced to a minor (NON-CRIMINAL) infraction. The fine imposed was $250 plus court costs. This is an excellent outcome.” May God bless you abundantly for the above and beyond work that you do. You are indeed the Best Lawyer ever!!!

  216. I hired Andi for a pretty extreme reckless speeding ticket (72/35) which, given my occupation, was potentially life altering as the possibilities are jail and loss of license. My job has a zero tolerance for such things, so I was desperate. I’m glad that I was recommended to Andi, because it quickly became clear her knowledge, courtroom tactics and passion for her job were unmatched and I needed all the help I could get. She managed to have the charge reduced to an infraction and really turned a dark situation in my life around. If you’re looking for a Lawyer for a traffic case, I highly recommend Andi and suggest you do what she advises prior to court if you are looking.

  217. Andi is SERIOUSLY the best in the business. I received a reckless driving ticket for going 95 in a 55 and did exactly what Andi told me to do prior to the court hearing (community service, driving course, etc) and she managed to get my whole case dismissed and I walked away with just a minor ‘improper driving’ infraction. She sincerely cares about her clients and goes above and beyond to defend you in court. I highly recommend Andi to anyone who has a traffic case!

  218. I am writing here on my own behalf and with NO encouragement from Ms Geloo or anyone. I know testimonials can be all over the place but let me be real and straight to the point; Hire Andi Geloo. My ignorance of not knowing how serious a reckless driving speeding ticket is caused me to look for a lawyer the Weekend of my court date hearing (contacting on a Sunday, for a Monday court hearing). Ms Geloo actually responded and without asking for anything from me, offered advice on asking for a continuance and even did so by drafting a letter for me to present to the judge. Again, without asking anything from me. It worked and I received a continuance. Needless to say at my actual court hearing, after doing the items Ms Geloo advised me to do (reckless class, car calibration etc), She was able to drop my reckless driving charge (82 in a 55) to a non criminal minor speeding charge (and 74 in a 55). This was all accomplished even with me having an extensive speeding record history. So if you didn’t read any of this review, read this, HIRE Andi Geloo!

  219. If you get charged with reckless driving you have to give Andi a call! I live in New York and during a trip through Virginia got a reckless driving ticket (95/70). I work in finance and could not have a class 1 misdemeanor on my record. I spoke to a few lawyers and all most everyone tried to scare me with Jail time into hiring them. Andi was extremely honest from the get-go and I felt I could trust her. She spoke for a while about the facts of my case and came up with a detailed plan on how we can fight this. She gave me a detailed to-do list all of which I was able to complete from New York. The day before my court hearing there was a snowstorm in New York and Andi was able to fight my case for me. (She is extremely well respected by the judges and prosecutors). Not only did she save me from jail time she actually got my reckless driving reduced to a MINOR INFRACTION! I am so thankful to Andi! If anyone gets a reckless driving ticket, Andi should definitely be the first person they call.

    If anyone has any doubts, I have left the same review on yelp. Feel free to contact me through yelp or here and I will be happy to share my experience

  220. Wow–what can I say? I contacted Andi Geloo on Friday, after realizing that my court date was the following Monday. I desperately contacted five attorneys. Andi was the only attorney to call me back PERSONALLY and call me back within ten minutes of my initial call. All the other attorneys had assistants call back and some not so timely! I received a reckless driving ticket (82/65) in VA. I was overwhelmed at the seriousness of this charge, but Andi immediately made me feel that she would take care of me and my situation.
    She spoke to me like a friend, not with the arrogance some attorneys have. She kept in contact with me all weekend via emails and texts—Andi, herself, not an assistant. She answered all communications quickly. She truly cared about me and my case. I was not another number or a $$-sign to her. I was a person in need of help, and she truly wanted to help!!
    She even made it possible for me not to have to appear in court in person.
    What could have been a six-point criminal misdemeanor, was dismissed and reduced to a Non-criminal, non-moving infraction, with only court costs to pay!!! What?!?!? Are you kidding?!?!? This woman is an amazing attorney and an amazing person! She is warm, caring and EXTREMELY good at what she does! I feel truly blessed and grateful that she was able to handle my case for me. Thank you, Andi. You are amazing.

  221. Ms. Geloo is AWESOME at what she does! From day one of contacting her (and not getting a representative of her office, I spoke directly to her), she reassured me not to worry or stress and that I had nothing to be nervous about. From the start of our initial conversation regarding my case, she was very warm, friendly, confident and displayed a genuinely compassionate spirit. She gave me a detailed list of items to accomplish prior to my court date. I was sure to complete everything she advised. The night before court she reached out to me and provided me an additional set of instructions on where to meet, what to bring, what to do, etc. The morning of court I was sooooo nervous as I was unsure of the outcome. Being in the Federal contracting world I could not afford to have a Misdemeanor on my record. On the morning of court Ms. Geloo greeted me with a huge smile and a warm hug to reassure me that everything was going to be alright. I’m not sure how she did it, but she managed to get my whole case DISMISSED which resulted in me just having to pay court fees. I was very happy with this outcome as it went better than I could of ever imagined. Andi is a true gem and exceptionally marvelous at what she does. Her knowledge, attention to detail and genuineness made choosing her to represent me an easy decision from the start! Do not hesitate to hire her, she’s simply a genuine and beautiful person inside and out and THE BOMB at what she does! (lol) I’m so happy I hired Andi as I feel I would not of had this outcome if I went with anybody else. She’s not only a great attorney but she made me feel like a friend!

    Andi, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I cannot thank you enough for what you’ve accomplished for me and my case.

  222. I want to say Andi deserves a GLOWING review. I felt very lucky to have Andi as my attorney for an 82/55 RD charge. She fought the case with expertise, professionalism, and determination to get the best possible outcome for me. She treated me like family and was like a light at the end of a tunnel. You can tell she is passionate about what she does and is very good at her job. The best of the best!

    I highly recommend Andi. You will not regret your choice and will be extremely lucky to have her on your side. I cannot thank her enough.

  223. Andi communicated more than any other lawyer I have worked with. She was able to get me an outstanding out come, getting my reckless driving charge reduced to improper driving.

    She truly cares about her clients and show it with her attention to your matters.

    If I or any of my friends need an attorney in Prince William county there is only one choice in my mind.

  224. I hired Andi for my very first reckless driving charge (90 in a 55). I was super worried because of all of the possible negative outcomes. She was extremely professional and did a great job putting my mind at ease during my time in the actual court room. I was not optimistic about what would happen due to my first hearing, however she was determined to not accept anything less than a non reckless charge. It was very clear that she is very familiar and experienced when it comes to cases like mine. She knew the judges and the prosecutors and what they are known for, which allowed her to coach me on what would be the possible outcomes. The biggest piece of advice I could give you is to listen to exactly what she says and you will be satisfied with the results she gets you. She was very genuine and proved how she really cared about my outcome. I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs legal assistance in VA.

  225. Andi was great for me. I was charged with reckless driving, cited at a speed of 86 mph in a 55 zone. Andi was diligent in communicating with me what the process would entail, what to do to reduce the charge, and what a likely outcome in the case was. She assured me on the day of court that she would do her best to get the best judge to hear our case. She was able to amend the charge to a 64 mph speeding charge in a 55 mph zone. This was a better outcome than expected and did not include a misdemeanor charge or points on my license. I could not have hoped for a better outcome, and I have Andi to thank for that. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking counsel in traffic court.

  226. Andi was the absolute best. She was able to drop my reckless driving down from 24mph over the limit down to 19mph. With the work that I’m involved with a misdemeanor would’ve meant immediate termination, so it was important that that didn’t happen. Andi reassured me that she’d take care of me and that that wouldn’t happen. I highly highly HIGHLY recommend her.

  227. I was referred to Andi Geloo by another attorney. After speaking with her on the phone, I had a great impression. Then, I met her in the court room and my assumptions were confirmed. Ms. Geloo is a wonderful attorney. She is communicates efficiently and very timely. She made the process very smooth and less nerve racking. I knew what to expect when I entered the courtroom. She is very knowledgeable about the court and helped advise me on a plea deal. Ms. Geloo under promised and over delivered! I walked out of the court room with a fine for speeding and my reckless driving charge was dropped. Ms. Geloo is sincere and caring. I highly recommend Andi Geloo! Thank you Ms. Andi 🙂

  228. I had a really hard case, 2 RD on the same day, actually 20 minutes apart, how stupid, I know thanks. So things were really no good, I had previously hired an nightmare of an attorney who pretty much bailed on me a couple of days before my court date, so I had to appear alone and ask for a continuance.

    Things clearly happen for a reason because I was able to find Andi Geloo. She is a great lawyer, in my opinion the best I could’ve asked for. She knew very clearly from the beginning this was going to be a though one and did everything in her hands to get me the best possible outcome. She was able to strike a great deal in my favor, I avoided both criminal charges and jail time. It wasn’t easy since it was not an ordinary type of case and she was able to get me out of there with nothing more than deserved fines and completely understandable 6 months unsupervised probation.

    I cannot be happier with her and the outcome we got, she knows the system and all of the players very well, and I completely understand all messages of praise she gets here.

    I absolutely recommend her to anyone seeking representation for these matters.

    Thanks again Andi.

  229. I can’t recommend Andi enough!

    After I got my reckless ticket (85/65) I was very scared about what would happen next.

    Andi was referred to me, and she was just a wealth of information (and believe me- i had A LOT of questions). She really walked me though what i needed to do and where I should go to do it.

    I can’t thank her enough for putting my mind at ease and getting my ticked reduced to a minor speeding infraction (74/65).

    Hopefully I won’t be needing representation again for a while- but if and when i do- i won’t hesitate to call Andi

  230. Andi is a thoughtful, thorough, and professional lawyer. She made an extremely difficult situation much easier for me to deal with and was a fantastic advocate for me on the day of my trial. The outcome that she was able to negotiate on my behalf was better than I ever thought possible.

    I cannot recommend Andi enough and would trust her to defend a loved one needing traffic court representation without hesitation or reservation.

    Thanks again, Andi!

  231. I highly recommend Andi Geloo if you need legal representation for a traffic violation. I received a Reckless driving ticket and was extremely concerned about the serious of the offense. Was ticketed for going over 80 miles per hour which is easy to do on 495 in Virginia. Traffic is frequently moving at that speed. However Andi was able to get the charged reduced significantly. Worth every penny I paid to get her expert assistance with this issue. She is also extremely nice and easy to work with. Lets you know exactly what to do and what to expect.

  232. I received Reckless Driving ticket for driving 86 MPH in a 70 MPH zone during my visit to Virginia on 4th July 2018. Initially I did not know the consequence of the RD in Virginia. This was my first ticket ever since I have been driving. Later I came to know that this was a class one misdemeanor. I was very scared, and I started contacting lawyers but could not get anyone who really intended to help me. I am one of the fortunate that I got connected to Andi. She is an excellent lawyer, extremity nice and knowledge. Andi was able to reduce the RD charges to minor speeding infraction.

    I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for all the care and concern you have shown me.

  233. Prince William County reckless ticket for a juvenile, thats what we were up against. Our daughter drove 2 friends home after school and was speeding over 20 MPH so the officer gave her a reckless as well as having too many people in the car because she was only 16. We got Andi’s name and number from another lawyer in Stafford who highly reccomended her. From the first conference call we had with her we knew she was going to represent us. Without taking any money, she explained to us exactly what we would need to do in court, what paper work we needed to gather, what courses would be best for our daughter to take and what questions we should be prepared to answer in court. She would always immediately answered all texts or emails we sent her in the days leading up to court. In court is where she shines. She worked out a deal with the Commonwealths Attorney and was very familar with the judge on the case. She got both tickets dismissed with 8 hours of community service of our choice. We could not have asked for anything more from Andi with her skills as a lawyer, her professionalism and her wonderful way in talking to and dealing with our daughter. She will be the first person we will consult for ANY legal issues we may have in the future!

    Thank you sooo much Andi.

  234. I was recommended to Andi by an attorney in Fredericksburg. She provided me with sound counsel and prepared me for court to fight a 6 point speeding ticket. She is very personable and talked with me and my wife before court and met with the sheriff deputy and worked out an agreement before court began. She was able to sucessfully negotiate a zero point non moving offense with just a fine and court costs. She was very professional and a wonderful attorney. If you are reading this, you found the attorney you need to represent you!

  235. Andi Geloo is a first class lawyer and all round lovely person. She has represented me twice both for Reckless tickets. Each and every time she has put my mind at ease collecting all the facts and advising me of options and proposed course we should take. She is very personable and talked to me to ensure I understood and was happy with there way forward. She was able to successfully spoke to the Sheriff’s deputy prior to court and had it all arranged before we actually went into court. I can’t recommend her highly enough if you have a ticket she is the lawyer you need! Worth every penny! Thank you Andi!

  236. Where to begin with this? My interaction with Andi began the day I got my reckless driving citation in Arlington. I was cited going 74mph in a 45. Being new to Virginia, a quick google search showed me how serious this was here, and what the penalties were. Being in the health care field, I knew I needed help fighting this, so that’s when I emailed Andi. It was the Saturday after Christmas, and I definitely did not expect to hear back from here until after the new year. However, I received a call from Andi within 15 mins offering me advice on how to handle it, even if i didn’t hire. She apologized for having to cut it short because it was the day of her sister’s wedding! I was so blown away that she even contacted me, but that showed me right then how much she care. Andi gave me exact advice on what to do to get a favorable outcome. On top of serving as legal counsel, Andi was also there for emotional support as well. Having never gone through this before, I was anxious on what to expect, but Andi constantly made herself available – even when that meant me calling her crying on a Friday night because I was so nervous. She talked me through everything. The day of my hearing, she met with me beforehand and again explained everything to me. She was able to meet with my officer before hand and was able to negotiate a very favorable deal on my end. The officer tried to form a case agaianst me, and had I not had Andi, I know I would have went in there and been handed a charge based on what the cop was saying and how the judge was ruling that day. So so grateful to have worked with her – she’s amazing at what she does, and I could tell everyone there knew it. I could go on with my testimony, but the bottom line is Andi is the best out there, and she will fight hard for you. Look no further than her!!

  237. I hired Andi after getting a 90 in a 55 reckless driving. She recommended that I do community service, take 2 driving classes, and get my speedometer calibrated. I did all those things and Andi was able to get my RD reduced to an improper driving. Andi really cares and will fight for you. She also had being doing this a long time and knows the judges and prosecutors. My best recommendation is to make sure you do everything she asks you to do, it will probably be the difference that gets you the outcome you want.

  238. A couple of months ago I found myself in dire need of an attorney due to couple of traffic citations received in quick succession – one of which was for reckless driving.

    Andi is the reason the impacts of these citations to my life have been manageable. Lessons have been learned certainly, but no “permanment” marks and most importantly, Andi was able to get the reckless charge reduced to improper driving under some very challenging circumstances.

    I unreservedly recommend Andi for any traffic issues that you may have. If you’re reading this review, chances are you’ve somehow found yourself in need of legal advice regarding traffic citations/tickets. You can stop reading reviews now. Just call Andi’s office and talk the matter over with her. If she can’t help you odds are she can point you in the right direction. And if you happened to receive the citation in one of the districts that she practices in, then it’s extremely likely she’ll be able to help you.

    Andi is also exceptionally pleasant, non-judgmental, and is an absolute joy to work with. You won’t regret calling her at all.

  239. I would highly recommend Andi Geloo to anyone in need of legal representation. She represented me for a reckless driving ticket, and was able to reduce the misdemeanor charge to a minor speeding infraction while also greatly reducing the fine. She is very professional and friendly, and was able to work within my (limited) budget.

  240. A few months ago, I received a reckless driving ticket in the setting of a family emergency overnight out of state. Prior to this, I had a perfectly clean driving record for 12+ years. Never previously been pulled over, and therefore also no moving violations.

    I had never needed nor hired a lawyer before. As a new physician, I was also half panicked at what this would mean for my career if it was permanently on my record. I remember sitting in my car (a rental at the time of the incident) not sure where to even start. I started just randomly calling law offices in Virginia to get help.

    I was beyond blessed to have spoken to a lawyer in Richmond who recommended Andi. He had endless praise for her and said that if were to hire anyone, it should be her. “She’s the best” he said. He gave me her number, told me to call her and say he referred me; with that, I dialed and she picked up on the first ring.

    His words could not have been more true. Andi is without a doubt the BEST ATTORNEY I could have ever had the pleasure of working with for all of the following reasons:
    – Genuinely CARES about you and the problem you present with
    – Perfect attention to detail and the facts of your case
    – Instantly responsive via email
    – Informs you thoroughly about possible outcomes of the case and prior client outcomes
    – 100% adheres to ethical practices
    – Well known and well liked by her colleagues and peers
    – Understands the system and the importance of fair representation
    – Fair and reasonable fees associated with her services
    – Is an inspirational role model in every sense of the word
    – Understood with my work hours even making it to court would be nearly impossible as I work 80-90 hours a week
    – Even the driving class instructor revered at my words when I said Andi was my counsel

    I feel like it was truly meant to be that I was directed to Andi. She got my charge reduced to a moving violation with fee of $267. I could not have been more grateful to her for the outcome and her help. If you hire anyone, please make it your choice to hire Andi.

  241. She is simply the best! If you ever want to feel the full power and force of an extremely effective and intelligent lawyer who will fight for you all the way, then hire Ms. Geloo! Ms. Geloo just represented me today in fact for a Reckless Driving charge – I was going 80mph/55mph on I-66 on a Saturday morning (rushing to get to work, believe it or not). Her effectiveness begins from the very moment your burgeoning anxiety compels you to get a lawyer (and you should always get a lawyer for a Reckless Driving charge, as advised to me by several friends and family). She called me personally no less than within 20 minutes of my first contact with her office. In that first call, she gave me so much valuable advice (for free in that first call) that I knew at once I should go with her. She then guided me through the whole process, telling me what I should do at every phase (take the right class, get the car calibrated, etc) – every bit of which helps. She sends extremely clear emails with well laid out instructions of what to do and when to do it by. You’ll never go wrong. She listens to what you have to say about the case. When she meets you for the first time, at once you find an empathetic person who hears you! That is the best thing you can hope from a lawyer – someone who empathizes and listens to your story, and then, like I said before, who goes to bat for you, and fights for the best possible outcome. If you want to sleep well at night when faced with a serious charge like this, get Andi! She will repay your trust tenfold! Her skills and representation is simply excellent!! I owe her a lot!

  242. Andi Geloo is a wonderful person and an excellent attorney. She represented my son in a reckless driving charge – 90 in a 70 mile zone and was able to get these charges dropped to just an infraction. I had initially been in contact with another attorney who after reviewing the facts told me he would represent but if I wanted the best attorney I should contact Andi. He was so correct. From the beginning till the end of this ordeal she was always there for us whether text, email, or phone. I can truly say I don’t know what we would have done without her. My son and I strongly recommend her and just want to say what an awesome one of a kind attorney she is.

  243. Back in Jan 2018 I hired Andi Geloo, I was caught speeding 24 miles over on 55 mph road while rushing to the airport to washington Dulles airport. She helped me in addressing a nasty speeding ticket, that if I was convicted would have thrown me into criminal felony or misdemanor, would have destroyed everything from my career to all future life. She helped me in every step of the way to prepare to come to the court. There are many important ideas she gave that helped me to stand before the judge, she knows how the court works and when to present the case correctly, the effort took bit longer, But in the end she helped me get relief with much smaller speed infraction, I cannot thank Andi enough with her help. and I will recommend every to seek her help for any issue with traffic or moving violation in and around Virginia (many counties). Andi Geloo is best help you can ever get.

  244. My husband got a reckless driving ticket in Virginia February 2019, he just had his court date. He got it on the GW Parkway where it drops from 50mph to 40mph, the ticket was for 80+ in a 40…double, so there was a possibility of jail. On top of that there were immigration implications, as he is filing for citizenship/has a green card, and a misdemeanor could make him inadmissible/deportable. So there was a lot to worry about.

    Andi was just wonderful, I cannot say enough good things about her as a lawyer. We were really nervous, as the stakes were incredibly high. Andi got the reckless driving charge dismissed, and he had to pay a fine for the speeding ticket. This exceeded the outcome we expected (as we thought we would pay more in fines, even as our best case scenario). She really worked hard for us. I was so nervous, so had lots of questions, and concerns, and she answered them all really quickly.

    If you listen to her advice (she had us calibrate the car (it was miles off), she also recommended other action to take, letters of recommendation, etc.), you have a great chance at a positive outcome. A reckless driving charge would have cost us tons in insurance, and even more in immigration lawyer fees.

    We are so grateful to have had Andi as a lawyer!! My husband’s was the highest speed that day in court, and I really believe the way she fought for us and presented the case really made the difference.

  245. How did I get so lucky to get Ms. Geloo as my lawyer? She is literally with you every step of the way. I received a reckless, going double the speed limit, and she told me everything I had to do. Where to go, how to do it, and what to take from each thing she recommended I do to better prepare me for my case. Day of court, she gathered the material I had, came back out not even five minutes later, with a hell of a deal. I knew that she would. From the moment I met her, I knew she was going to set me on the right path. She’s very knowledgable, caring, and is always willing to make time to reply to anything you ask her. I highly recommend this awesome lady!

  246. We were referred to Andi by our estate-planning lawyer. Andi represented our son, who was charged with reckless driving. Andi was highly informative and responsive, and helped our son know just what to do in preparation for court. We felt we were in good hands. The charge was reduced to defective equipment, a $200 fine and no points on his record. Hallelujah!

  247. In March, I was charged with Reckless Driving for driving 75mph in a 55mph zone. I was in shambles! I had no idea how to go about dealing with this. Once I did some research I realized how serious this was. Representing myself wasn’t an option. So I was referred by another lawyer whom I sought for help (he was outside of the jurisdiction). From day one, Andi walked me through the entire process of what I should do. She was reassuring and I could trust her! Right before I was about to stand in front of the judge, another attorney even said “She’s the best, you’re ok!”. I believed that 100% and now the whole ordeal is nothing but history. Please allow Andi to represent you!

  248. Reliable, easy to reach, positive and effective. She will really fight for you. I would hire her again. No doubt

  249. One morning, I was on the Dulles Toll Road commuting to work and was pulled over for speeding, reckless driving (80 in a 55). Until I arrived at work, I thought this was simply a speeding ticket. What I discovered was that I had been criminally charged. In my case, this would have adversely impacted my career. Right away I contacted an attorney that, due to the trial being in Fairfax County, was unable to take my case. His office referred me to Andi.

    All I can say is that this HAD to be divine intervention. Andi was immediately reassuring. Her compassion is the first I noticed. But her detailed guidance before trial, her accessibility anytime I had a question, her relationships within the court system and her involvement from the beginning to the end (literally walked me through paying my small fine to the cashier) and the follow up after the case was over- this is why she ALWAYS gets results. For me, this meant that my charge was reduced from a misdemeanor to a $150 speeding ticket.

    As a person, she really cares about others. She fought against online bullies which resulted in a new law, “Andi’s Law”. This allows the victim of such attacks to have adequate time to unmask otherwise anonymous offenders so that they can stand trial. There is other philanthropic work that Andi does to carry on the legacy of service to others taught to her by her late father, a great role model in her life. I enjoyed every minute of conversation with her and am extremely grateful to have her as a friend for life now that this brush with law enforcement is over.

    Bottom line, this is who you want in your corner!

  250. Andi represented me for a reckless driving charge. I can tell you that she is the best lawyer in the whole Virginia region. Before approaching her, I spoke with 30+ lawyers near this area as I was scared after getting this charge. Most of the lawyers who doesn’t look Loudoun county area recommened Andi’s name. I was still scared because I wanted to get the best laywer so that I can get the best result. After doing lots of research, I finally approached her.

    Andi was very fast in responding the calls or emails. She really took care of me very well. She assured me that she will not let me get convicted of this charge. Since I was scared, I used to ask her lot of questions to which she used to respond quickly and assure me that she will take care of me very well. She gave proper instructions on what needs to be done on my part.

    During the court date, she again assured me that I should not worry about the charge as she was there to support me. Andi really took great care of me. I was not convicted of this charge and just paid the infraction cost and court fees. And that’s what I wanted. She is awesome and I would highly recommend her. I would say that she is not one of the best, she is the best lawyer if you are summoned to the court for reckless driving charge,

  251. Andi is amazing. She went above and beyond for my case and it went so much better than I could have hoped for. She’s caring and compassionate. I would 100% recommend her to anyone with traffic/ reckless driving violations

  252. I mean this is the nicest possible way… She’s a beast!!! Handled my reckless charge with EASE! I was worried but she displayed a lot of confidence with handling my case, which gave me confidence. If you’re shopping around for a lawyer, stop your search here. Now I feel much better about any infractions I may receive in the future from driving knowing that I have a lawyer on my side that can GET IT DONE!

  253. If you are reading this, you’re in the same shoes all of us were. If you take nothing else from the numerous testimonials you’ll see, take home the knowledge that you 100% need Andi, and she will exceed all of your expectations. In one exchange, which was free, she already provided me with an understanding as to the fight we were in for, and how she would help. There are not words to express how amazing Andi is. She is 100% a pittbull and will set you up for incredible success. Stop looking around, and make the same decision we all did, hire Andi and put your mind at ease. She is the absolute best.

  254. Ms. Geloo exceeded all expectations. She is professional, knowledgeable, quick to respond, and will set you up for the best possible result. Being charged with a misdemeanor and preparing for court can be a nerve-wracking and stressful ordeal, but having Ms. Geloo help prepare, walk through the process, and represent me in court definitely helped me stay at ease.

  255. Andi is one of the best Attorneys I’ve come across. YOU WILL BE IN GOOD HANDS! My case was a reckless driving, 79/55 and it was dismissed because she made things very easy and straight forward. You won’t regret hiring her for your case. She sends you a set of questions and according to your answers, revolves the case around it. Do as she asks and try not complicate things, and do not stress if you’ve hired her. She’ll go above and beyond to make sure you get the best outcome for your case. Thanks Andi for everything!

  256. Speed Queen indeed!!! Andi amazingly got my reckless driving 81/55 nightmare dismissed. I didn’t even have to appear in court. I highly recommend her services. You won’t regret it. She is phenomenal! THANK YOU Andi!

  257. Andi Geloo, really saved me on a recent case, and probably saved my TS-SCI clearance and career as well. I cannot thank her enough. (And she gave me a discount on her original quote!)

    I was referred to her by an attorney in PW Co. I asked him who’s the best traffic attorney you know in Fairfax Co, and he gave me Andi’s phone and email. Give her a call. She will take good care of you.

  258. Andi Geloo, Was a great help in reducing my Reckless Driving case to basic speeding ticket. She was easy to work with and flexible with payments. I dare say she saved my government job and security clearance by handling my case expertly. I recommend her to anyone else in a similar situation. She was professional and courteous and walked me through step by step through each task I had to complete to get the best result in court. Thank You Very Much Andi!

    I was referred to her by Andrew Flusche, Attorney at Law, PLCo. I asked him who’s the best traffic attorney you know in Fairfax Co, and he gave me Andi’s phone and email. Great choice!

  259. If you’re looking for a GREAT LAWYER , Andi is your girl. I was dealing with a reckless driving ticket. (85 in a 55). I was nervous because it was my first ticket ever. I called Andi , she calmed me down automatically and Eased my mind. She was very nice and informative. If I didn’t understand something, she took the time to explain everything to me. Today, she represented me in court and I will say I’M VERY PLEASED WITH HER WORK! I went from reckless driving to a minor infraction! She did her thing in court today ! 🙂 Thank you Andi for everything!

  260. Andi made the whole process clear and easy. Getting a reckless driving ticket can naturally be very stressful, but her dedication to your case, superior knowledge in the field, and clear and helpful information make that stress go away. 71 in a 40. Reckless dropped and just got a simple speeding ticket. Thank you, Andi!

  261. Upon receiving a ticket for speeding (83 in a 55) and learning that the offense would carry a misdemeanor criminal charge, I immediately set about finding an attorney to represent me. That’s when I came across Andi’s website, along with the numerous positive testimonials from others who had received similar charges. I now feel extremely lucky for having done so – Andi was immediately knowledgeable on the subject and immensely helpful. Not only was she very familiar with this type of case, but also proactively had me take several other measures I wouldn’t have otherwise thought to do, in an effort to increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

    The end result was my reckless driving charge (a criminal misdemeanor) being reduced to a mere non-criminal traffic citation, as well as having the severity of the infraction reduced. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, and would heartily recommend Andi for any traffic-related legal issues.

  262. Andi is a great lawyer. She is hardworking and very diligent in her work. She handled my traffic case from start to end very carefully and smoothly. She kept me updated with all proceedings throughout the reckless driving trial which finally changed to speeding with minimum fine. She even made sure that when I go to the counter to pay the fine fine then there is no clerical error in the system. I was very happy with the outcome. Thank you Andi!

  263. Andi saved me from this nightmare. I got reckless driving for going 93/50 on GW parkway. I was scared because all the lawyers I called told me I’m going to jail. Andi helped me step by step and won the case at the end. They drop the reckless to only a speeding ticket. I have to say it is all because of Andi’s outstanding experience and connections on this type of cases.

  264. Andi is great and very kind, I was very concerned when I got a speeding ticket and it’s my first ticket and a court date when driving on route 267 Fairfax County, VA. Then i got her number from one of my friend then i called her. She put me at ease when I spoke with her. She was extremely professional, knowledgeable, cared about actually helping, and an absolute sweetheart. I highly recommend ignoring all of the advertising mail you receive and contact Andi!!

  265. If you need a lawyer! You need Andi Geloo!!!!

    I received a reckless driving speeding ticket in September 2019. 87/60.

    I immediately called Andi. Tears and all. I was so distraught, nervous, sad, embarrassed, you name it! She called me back right away an assured me, everything would be OK.

    As the court date approached, I became more and more nervous! My life was on the line after all but I felt very comfortable expressing my concerns with Andi. She’s very easy to communicate with and always gets back to you right away. No matter how busy she is. I did everything she told me to do and sure enough, everything turned out better than I could have imagined!!

    My charges were knocked down from a misdemeanor to a minor infraction!!! Which in the Commonwealth of Virginia is impossible to do! Andi is a miracle worker! She’s kind, understanding and very smart!

    You can’t go wrong with Andi Geloo! She’s the BEST!

  266. Getting Andi to represent me was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life!
    I was crazy nervous to the point where I felt like this whole ordeal would blow my life out of proportion. It was my first reckless driving ticket and Andi reassured me and gave me the best material to work on myself on before court date. Andi gave me confidence to go about my day normally without constantly worrying about the results. I knew I was in great hands. She stood in for me at court and got my reckless driving reduced to a speeding ticket with the exception of completing a few tasks in order to get the case absolutely dismissed.

  267. Andi is SIMPLY THE BEST. If you have a traffic issue that’s getting you anxious, you must contact her. I had a reckless driving charge levied against me, and Andi provided timely, smart, and tailored advice to mitigate the specific risks I was facing. As a legal professional myself, I thought her counsel, professionalism, and can-do attitude were outstanding. I will go back to her if (heaven forbid) I ever need help again, and strongly would recommend anyone else to also seek her counsel.

  268. Where to start!?! Before I contacted Andi, I was in a frenzy with my reckless driving case. Emotions, threats, and money, all got to my head. The minute I started talking to her, I knew she was the one! Andi’s confidence, professionalism, extensive knowledge, and outstanding personality, are all out of this world, and topped every other attorney I spoke to. I am more than happy with my decision to choose Andi Geloo, and you will be too!!
    I will 110% go back to her if need be.

  269. 12/17/19, RD charge

    Let me start off by saying WOW. I am so impressed by Andi Geloo!

    I had a misdemeanor RD charge for 84/55 in Loudoun. This was particularly scary because I was undergoing secret clearance, and I was afraid this would jeopardize that. I was stressed out of my mind. But then I met Andi. From her utmost professionalism to her extreme preparedness, Andi gave me the utmost confidence in every step of my journey.

    She was very reassuring, and she took a lot of time out of her day to talk me through the process and even calmed me down a lot. Most lawyers I had called previous to her would rush me off the phone after 5 mins, but Andi talked with me for close to an hour.

    She gave me very easy to follow next steps of where to go and what to do to prepare for my case, and even provided me with contact information. I was done with my part within the week, I couldn’t believe how easy it was.

    When the time for my case came, Andi was even able to represent me without me being present. This was a huge load off my mind. She emailed me promptly that same day with the results, it was incredibly painless. In the end, the RD misdemeanor charge was reduced to just a minor 1-9mph speeding infraction (lowest infraction). WOW.

    TLDR: if you are at ALL on the fence about hiring Andi, let me tell you just do it! The peace of mind and the results were WELL worth the money spent!!!

    I would 5/5 recommend Andi Geloo to all my friends and family!!!

  270. This is the second time that Andi has represented me in court. And yet again, she has been absolutely fantastic. Very prompt, informative, friendly, and best of all just an amazing attorney. This time my potential misdemeanor charge was almost completely dropped. There’s no other attorney I would use.

  271. In 2019, I was in the DMV area for a graduation. While driving, I was stopped for speeding (89/55) in Fairfax County.

    I am not from the area, and did not realize how serious a speeding ticket could get in Virginia. I decided to go to my court hearing without representation. Before I could approach the podium to speak, the judge explained that I could possibly lose my license today due to the speed I was alleged to have been doing. The judge had mercy on me, recommended that I hire an attorney, and continued the case for a later date.

    After doing some searching, I was referred to attorney Geloo. Immediately after contacting Attorney Geloo, she began giving me advice, and strategies on how to handle the case. She gave me several steps to take and advice over the next 4 days as part of her free consultation. After I asked for the price of representation, she made it clear to me that I was under no obligation to hire her, although she already gave me all of the information and steps necessary to present myself in a great light and defend myself in court.

    Although I am very skeptical about paying for a service I cannot prove will be beneficial, in addition to thinking all these great reviews must be part of a scam; considering I was facing possible jail time, 8 points on my record and suspension of my license (leading to loss of my job), I decided to hire Attorney Geloo (even after receiving dozens of letters in the mail from other Attorneys). Something about her professionalism and collaborative style, made the decision easier.

    After attending my next court hearing with Attorney Geloo by my side, and having my misdemeanor reckless driving charge, dropped down to an infraction/fine which will not stay on my record, I realized that this was the best decision I could have made. Her representation was %100 beneficial and she surpassed my expectations. No jail, no points on record, no license suspension and I keep my job. The weight is completely off my shoulders.

    Attorney Geloo is great at her job and an overall lovely woman. She loves her job and has a great enthusiasm and spirit.



    I’m extremely pleased with the results and very grateful to Andi Geloo for the over & above efforts on my case. I highly recommend her!


    Going through this experience and having to wait for your court date is like having a huge weight on your shoulders. Knowing that Andi Geloo was there to represent me helped lift that weight off my shoulder. Thanks again for reassuring me you would be there in my place!


    Her approach is simple, be prepared by doing your homework and providing her with the ammunition she needs to best represent you. The honesty and transparency approach worked for me and gave us a winning chance.


    There is no way to misinterpret Andi. She speaks and writes in a way you can simply understand. By keeping it simple and precise, Andi won me over and gave me the confidence that I had a fighting chance. There is also no delay, she quickly responds so that you can move forward promptly with decisions.


    This was a huge lesson for me. In a way, I’m glad it happened so I can lead with caution and be more careful going forward. I can only thank Andi once again for her valuable help and being the good person and the professional she is!

  273. If you every get pulled of in Va for speeding please call AndI Geloo….
    I give AndI 5 stars she has the spirit of a caring angel. From the moment I sent her my first email she made me feel blessed that I reached out to her firm. I was scared and was afraid I would go to jail and have crazy points or even lose my licenses. AndI made me feel like she was family although she said consider her as friend. I feel as though we are family. She walked me through the entire process from the beginning to the ending. She had my charges reduces from wreck-less driving Congratulations! The criminal misdemeanor charge of reckless driving against me has now been dismissed. The
    charge was reduced to a minor infraction of speeding. The speed itself was reduced to reflect 19 over… Or 74 in a 55….The fine is $100 plus court cost. The love that she shows her clients are real, I’m glad God blessed me with bringing Andi into my life.

  274. I got a ticket for going 80 on 55 and absolutely I was so panicked for this situation. When I learned that reckless in VA is misdemeanor I am so terrified and not sure what to do. At this point of time, I was told by my colleague to contact Andi as she is the best lawyer around Fairfax for representing these type of cases.

    Thank God I contacted her, she is the best person and lawyer I have ever met. She is kind, knowledgeable and talented. She handled this case very professionally and put me at ease at each step by telling me exact steps to do. On court day, she brought me out of Reckless and the charge dropped to speeding. I came out of court room with ticket as Traffic Infraction instead of misdemeanor and I am very glad about it.

    If you are in or around Farifax, please do contact Andi straight away than wasting your time with other attorneys. She is the best I would say!

    Thank you Andi once again for all your help!

  275. Andi was professional and extremely thorough. She walked me me through the process of my speeding ticket and told me what to expect and what I needed to do in order to help my chances. She was responsive and helpful at all times of the day. I did exactly what she asked in a timely manner and she was able to help me with a serious speeding ticket (possible felony and jail time) and because of her direction and relationships she worked it down to a fine and I actually learned a lot in the process. Thank you Andi! If any of you are hesitant, don’t be! Andi is top notch and understands your situation as long as you’re willing to listen and follow directions you’ll be fine! You’re the best Andi thank you very much.

  276. Andi Geloo is a terrific human being. When I got this reckless by speed charge (88/55)it felt as if my world was done, finished..over. I thought I was gonna lose my job because I heavily depend on my drivers license in order to work. So every day I’d feel so much anxiety, pressure, nervousness and so much more but when I was referred to Andi to help me. It was like a god send. I came in the court house scared and left full of happiness thanks to Andi. She had it reduced on an infraction on what could have been much worse for me. She told me that she’ll do an excellent job and for sure she did. Thank you Andi !

  277. I hired Ms. Geloo in Feb 2020 for a traffic incident(Reckless Driving) which happened on 267 W(Loudoun County). I was initially afraid with the implications of it, but she represented me very professionally.. She was able to dismiss a Six point criminal misdemeanor charge of reckless driving. The charge was reduced to a minor (NON-CRIMINAL) infraction called “fail to obey a highway sign”. The speed specification was eliminated all together. This is the lowest moving violation you can possibly have in VA. I highly recommend her legal services.

  278. Andi Geloo, just WOW! I was recently represented by Andi, I was particularly nervous regarding this traffic violation due to my not so great driving record and there was a possibility I would serve jail time. Andi did an amazing job!! I LOVE the fact that she was upfront and honest with me the entire time and not a lot of people are like that and some will sugarcoat things to make you feel better. Not only did she take great care of my case but she made sure my well-being was good. Her patience, hard work and dedication is what make her an amazing lawyer. Thank you for being so supportive and making me feel at ease. Even if my outcome didn’t turn out good I know that she did her absolute best for me. I’m so grateful that everything worked out for me, I walked in court scared and walked out in full happiness. I would highly recommend her services to everyone!!!

  279. I hired Ms. Geloo relatively last minute (about two or three weeks before my court date) for a pending misdemeanor of reckless driving. I had been pushing off hiring an attorney as I was worried about financial strain and a possibly disappointing outcome despite the hire, but after hiring Ms. Geloo I wish I had contacted her much sooner. I was extremely stressed out by this case and the effects it was having on my personal life (like a hold placed on my background check for a pending job offer), but Ms. Geloo’s counsel really put me at ease. She was incredibly responsive throughout the entire process; even in the evenings she tended to respond to my emails within an hour. Not only that, but she offered me a lot of much needed advice before I had even signed a contract. I truly appreciated the amount of attention that she paid to me and my case; she truly cares about her clients’ well-beings and the outcomes of their cases. Not only that, but she is an incredibly talented lawyer who got the charge placed against me dismissed completely!! I can’t explain how happy I am with the outcome of my case and the hard work that Andi Geloo put into it! I want to thank Ms. Geloo and her team for their help, and I urge you to hire her as well!!

  280. Andi Geloo was amazing! She was able to ease my worries about a traffic violation that I thought was going to affect my job. She is an absolute professional who worked through my case and coordinated with the court that was handling my case even during COVID-19.

    She has lifted a huge looming worry off of my shoulders. I highly recommend her!

  281. Ms.Andi, is one of the best , she got my case dismissed for a traffic violation i was nervous but have to say i trusted her the whole way,i would advice anyone to hire her for there case period..I highly recommend her ,one of the best!

  282. I was referred to Andi for my reckless driving case and I knew right away I was pointed in the right direction. She made sure we communicated actively to ensure my case was handle accordingly. I can honestly say I’m glad I chose her to be my attorney because she truly made the process so much easier. She put my mind at ease and walked me through the steps I needed to take to better the outcome of my case. I was able to have a phenomenal outcome due to her dedication and efforts towards dismissing my charges. She has so much knowledge and is highly respected in her profession. Thank you Andi for everything.

  283. I don’t know many lawyers, and my knowledge of courts and justice is, even now, mainly from film and tv dramas. But I’m certain of this: Andy Geloo is a truly exceptional advocate,a master professional utterly skilled in arts of persuasion, analysis, and the realities of the law. In my case she accepted a dire, indeed unthinkable situation, and in a few weeks she turned everything into a bad memory. Andi knows the justice system from the inside and how to help her clients within it, and she is relentless in bringing this knowledge inyo her practice of law.

    I’m a senior citizen, 92, living in a high-rise senior-living facility as sole caregiver with spouse Helen, who has advanced dementia. From past social conversations, I understood that people our age should stop driving when they can no longer drive safely. But I did not realize that this was a requirement of Federal law, enforceable as a crime. When I recently had a dangerous driving accident, having lost control while exiting a parking lot,I was charged with Reckless Driving. My trial was to be in U.S. Federal District Court, with possibly one year in prison and ruinous fines.

    Someone suggested Andi and, when I learned from her website that her practice included the U.S. District Court in Alexandria, I quickly sought her help. She steered me through several early steps, becoming tolerant of my e-mail deficiencies (in both knowledge and equipment). Worried over possible financial ruin, at Andi’s suggestion I fished out old documents my long history to date. Somehow Andi used these and other evidence in her intense laate pre-trial efforts, managing to persuade the U.S. prosecutors to reduce the charge from the crime Reckless driving to the Misdemeanor Improper Driving, with minimal fine. I pleaded guilty to the lesser charge, and there was no trial. Everything had been done electronically.

    I could sleep again. Without doubt, asking Andi for help had been everything, and I would beg everyone in my situation to do the same.s

  284. I am very much thanking my past-self for choosing Ms. Geloo to represent me. I didn’t know where to turn when I received my ticket for reckless, but from the moment I first contacted Ms. Geloo to my court date, I knew I had someone who was dedicated and in my corner.

    Not only did she work to get the BEST possible outcome (I am amazed at what she was able to bring it down to), but guided me through with kindness, empathy, and compassion.

    Her professionalism and confidence allowed me to feel secure. I am also touched by her benevolence throughout the process. I would highly recommend Ms. Geloo’s services to ANYONE in the area who finds themselves in need. I, personally, know who to call (without a second thought) if I should ever be in this type of situation again.

  285. She is the Pasha of Lawyers

    Andi = wonder woman.

    Few months ago, I got a reckless driving charge for driving 98 on a 45 in Arlington. Went a few weeks without worrying about it as I didn’t think it’d be so serious. When a friend mentioned how serious it can be (potentially serving jail time and a suspended license) I started looking for Lawyers. I was referred to Andi by another well respected lawyer. Andi emailed me immediately and we got to work. She told me to take classes, community service, send over recommendation letters, etc.. (DO IT!!! HELP HER HELP YOU). She was always (ALWAYS!) available to talk through my questions, anxiousness, etc.. on the phone, email, etc… She’s extremely tactical, like the badass lawyers you see on TV (except more effortless and compassionate). She gets into the granular details about your character, your past, the charge, etc.. and combines the data in order to paint a beautiful picture (like Picasso would) to get the judge to feel for you. She really put me at ease. If you’re reading this far, JUST HIRE HER and STOP STRESSING.

    The rest is history.

    We got the charge dropped to a minor speeding infraction. I avoided jail time. Like WTF? THIS IS A HAIL MARY!!!

    She’s classy, effortlessly sharp, well spoken, and compassionate. Judges love her and other lawyer’s seek her approval (went down to pay my fine and found another lawyers asking her how they think they did – should tell you a lot)!

    Walked out of court with the biggest smile on my face and a new friend whom I’m very grateful for.

    Thank you ANDI THE GREAT!!!


  286. Pasha of the Lawyers
    Andi = wonder woman.

    Few months ago, I got a reckless driving charge for driving 98 on a 45 in Arlington. Went a few weeks without worrying about it as I didn’t think it’d be so serious. When a friend mentioned how serious it can be (potentially serving jail time and a suspended license) I started looking for Lawyers. I was referred to Andi by another well respected lawyer. Andi emailed me immediately and we got to work. She told me to take classes, community service, send over recommendation letters, etc.. (DO IT!!! HELP HER HELP YOU). She was always (ALWAYS!) available to talk through my questions, anxiousness, etc.. on the phone, email, etc… She’s extremely tactical, like the badass lawyers you see on TV (except more effortless and compassionate). She gets into the granular details about your character, your past, the charge, etc.. and combines the data in order to paint a beautiful picture (like Picasso would) to get the judge to feel for you. She really put me at ease. If you’re reading this far, JUST HIRE HER and STOP STRESSING.

    The rest is history.

    We got the charge dropped to a minor speeding infraction. I avoided jail time. Like WTF? THIS IS A HAIL MARY!!!

    She’s classy, effortlessly sharp, well spoken, and compassionate. Judges love her and other lawyer’s seek her approval (went down to pay my fine and found another lawyers asking her how they think they did – should tell you a lot)!

    Walked out of court with the biggest smile on my face and a new friend whom I’m very grateful for.

    Thank you ANDI THE GREAT!!!


  287. I was faced with a reckless driving charge, and was referred to Andi after I contacted another office. From the very start, she was outstanding!! She explained the entire process to me, provided guidance, and kept me abreast of the expectations. Retaining her as your attorney will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make! Andi is a consummate professional who knows how to get the job done. I’m thankful for her service and the happy with the outcome of my case. You will not be disappointed!!

  288. Andi is an excellent Attorney, if ever you need representation, Andi is the one you need in your corner. She did an amazing job with a reckless Driving case that could of been detrimental, she got results that you would of think that was impossible. Andi is very passionate with what she does, very professional and pleasant to deal with we got the right person for the job, without a doubt words cannot express the type of person she is. You wouldn’t be disappointed.

  289. Andi is the “to-go” person for traffic court related matters.

    She is courteous, responsive and has a deep understanding of the applicable law. The result in my case was extraordinary.

    Last but not the least, Andi puts a human face and soul to the process.

  290. When it comes to traffic law, Andi is the best. She is knowledgeable, responsive and conscientious. In addition, she is considerate and empathetic. She was able to lay out for me what I needed to do before the trial and set me up with proper expectations on the results. I always felt like my case in the best hands and it was.

  291. Andi represented me in a Reckless Driving case in Fairfax. She prepared me before hand by having me take a specific reckless driving class, directed me to have my speedometer calibrated and reviewed all aspects of my case beforehand. She basically negotiated a settlement before the trial started. My case was taken 1st up, and was drastically reduced. She clearly knows how to get the best possible outcome and I would highly recommend her!

  292. I received a driving while license suspended charge which she managed to get completely dismissed in advance! She was professional, prompt, and really made me feel at ease. Excellent communicator, very available and responds quickly to email/text. She made it very clear what my responsibilities were as a client and how I could help her help me. She really will have your back throughout the whole process! Can’t recommend her enough

  293. Andi is the best there is! I can’t thank her enough. I was charged with reckless driving doing an 81/45, something that I though would be detrimental to my career.

    I’m in the process of getting a security clearance, so I needed this cleaned up as best as possible. She went above and beyond! She was empathetic for my situation, was able to present my case/story to the prosecutors and was able to get it ran PHENOMENAL outcome in dismissing my charge!

    She outline my action items and was very clear in communication, and picked up the phone when I needed to talk or if I had any concerns. I’ll definitely keep her in my back pocket and recommend her to whoever needs representation.

    Thanks again Andi!

  294. Best Lawyer out there. She is very knowledgeable and takes her time to explain everything. She really wants the best for her clients. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a lawyer.

  295. Thank you for the superb job in getting my RD to a lesser charge and no points!. Retaining you as my counsel was the best decision I made this year. The cost savings all around financially was worth it. Your coolness and standing up for me, I will never forget. I will definitely send you referrals in the future.

  296. My 18 year old son was in a single car accident which totaled our vehicle, but caused no property damage to anyone else, nor any injuries. He was charged with reckless driving. Attorney Geloo handled his case professionally and got his charge down to a very, very favorable charge with zero points. I appreciated her communication which was extremely prompt and very thorough. She guided us carefully through the entire process, told us exactly what we needed to do to move forward every step of the way. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Best decision we could have made was to hire Attorney Geloo.

  297. Words cannot capture how THANKFUL and GRATEFUL I am to Andi. I was referred to Andi by a reputable law firm (that were not working Fairfax County cases) for Reckless Driving 85/55 on HOV. Before this, I had never received a traffic ticket before, speak less of showing up to court. After reading up about RD in Virginia, it dawned on me that the offense was much more serious than I thought, and my security clearance and career might be at stake.

    Andi understood and genuinely related to my concerns. She picked up my call anytime I had questions and concerns and responded to my texts and emails promptly amid her busy schedules. For someone like me experiencing this for the first time, she did an outstanding job calming my worries, explaining the process, and assuring me that we have the tools for us to be positive. She looked through my documents, my accomplishments, listened to my story, and gathered information that could be helpful to the case. She had me take a reckless driving class, as well as had me calibrate my speedometer.

    On the court day, I watched and listened to all the cases that went before the judge and realized thus far, I had the highest speed violation, and none of those that went up before me got dismissed. After going up with Andi, watching her piece my information together was a wonder. JUST FOLLOW HER LEAD!! She was clear, concise, and defended me in a way that made me feel she truly knew me. If I were a judge, I would be impressed as well. She got the judge to dismiss my RD charge.

    I will recommend Andi to anyone needing a lawyer for traffic violation charges, because I know for sure that she will give nothing but her best to get you out of it. She is worth every $$$.

    Thanks so much again, Andi. If only all lawyers could be like you …… 😊!

  298. Andi Geloo is such an outstanding, professional, caring and great lawyer! Ms. Geloo knows what she is doing and will help you every step of the way. I 100 percent recommend Ms. Geloo to anyone who have to go to traffic court. My case was dismissed with no charge, no ticket and no court fees. Ms. Geloo is the best in this field!!!

  299. There are no words to express how grateful we are for Andi! We are from out of state and my son got a reckless driving ticket while visiting his brother. She worked with me a lot due to my sons work schedule. She explained the law and what she needed from us. She kept in contact all the way up to the court date. Being a nervous mom, she assured me there was nothing to be worried about and she was right! My son didn’t have to go back to Virginia for court, she represented him. She got the best outcome possible, case dismissed!! I would recommend Andi to anyone! So helpful and professional, thanks Andi! You are one in a million!!

  300. NEW – I was referred to Ms Geloo, and I can’t tell you how glad I am to have connected with her. I had absolutely no experience dealing with traffic court issues, and she immediately provided great clarity, support, and advice. From the time I first spoke to her through the court date that produced the final outcome, Andi was always there. She not only cared about the result, but she cared about how to help me through the entire process, including how to deal with the unknowns that still had to be worked through. I would recommend Ms. Geloo without hesitation.

  301. Andi was amazing from start to finish. I had a better than expected outcome! I had a 93/55 reckless charge in fairfax that she somehow magically got it dropped to improper driving without a speed! I was beyond thrilled with my experience and she helped through every step of the way. I will most definitely be using her again if I ever happen to need a lawyer again and recommending her to anyone in need.

  302. I chose Andi based on her reviews also, not to mention how kind, personable, and caring she was throughout the entire process. Everyone gave her five out of five stars. That is amazing and almost unbelievable. I was ticketed for RD 97/65 so I contacted Andi. She immediately gave me instructions on what I needed to accomplish to get a favorable outcome. Andi offered free consultation to inform me what I could expect to happen in my case and circumstance. I did everything she suggested and my RD was reduced to Improper Driving, which is an infraction as opposed to a criminal offense. Andi was worth her retainer and I would recommend her if you are looking for someone to represent you in a court of law. Thanks Andi for helping me get thru this with a favorable ruling. Your five star rating is remarkable and very deserving.

  303. I was referred to Andi Geloo by a friend because she had a similar traffic violation and she did a lot of research before hiring an Attorney to represent her. Needless to say, she was very impressed with Andi Geloo’s reputation and capabilities. Her situation came out very favorably so when I explained what happened to me, she could not recommend anyone better and said she was sure I would be very happy with the results. I reached out on this personal referral and Andi stepped up right away discussed my situation and asked me detailed questions so she could give me her best advice. It did not take very long before I decided to hire her to represent me and I followed all of her instructions and recommendations. During the whole process leading up to the hearing she kept me well informed and made sure I was completely comfortable with everything she was doing for me. The day of the hearing she assured me that I did not need to attend which was very helpful and convenient. That morning she notified me that my violation had been reduced significantly to a non-criminal, non-moving, zero-point infraction. The weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders. I would highly recommend Andi’s services to anyone and would tell them how wonderful an experience it was to work with such a professional and capable Attorney.

  304. I hired Andi to represent me for a misdemeanor traffic violation based on a recommendation from another attorney. First off I knew I was steered in the right direction by how professional and personable Andi is. She was extremely helpful in explaining the court processes and my potential options/outcomes. Additionally, she was very responsive to any questions or concerns that I had. She worked very hard on my court date to get me a favorable judgement. I would not hesitate to retain Andi again or recommend her to my family and friends.

  305. I do not do reviews but I had to for Ms Andi Geloo. Top notch lawyer for sure. I promise with her you will be in great hands. Her reviews and positive star ratings do no justice. I was pulled over doing 86 in a 55 highway. I was definitely nervous about the charge because I’m trying to start my own business. That charge would prohibit me from getting fair insurance rates and also who wants that on they’re driving record. She gave a game plan and things to do to help with the case. Please do them, it’ll definitely help her with your case. Honestly I am still in disbelief when she text me that the charge’s have been dropped, Just had to pay fines. I can’t speak highly enough of Ms Andi Geloo. I will keep her number for future situations but hopefully I will not have to go through this again but If you are a honest civilian that made a mistake, please give her a call. Enjoy.

  306. Andi Geloo is hands down the best lawyer you can get for this situation I had gotten my first reckless driving ticket and was beyond scared what was gonna happen needless to say she went above and beyond for me definitely give her an 11/10 as long as you do everything she says to a t you should be perfectly fine in her hands

  307. Andi Geloo is a remarkable lawyer and an amazing person as well. No matter how bad things seemed, she encouraged me to stay positive and gave me her full attention and time. I was extremely distressed and don’t know what would have happened if she hadn’t been there for me. In the end, my charge was dropped down greatly to improper driving. I will be forever grateful to her for her support and advice during this difficult time and would recommend her to anyone

  308. Absolutely, Andi Geloo is an outstanding attorney. She is compassionate and the consummate professional who is always accessible. She worked my case with utmost efficiency and effectiveness and what would have been a very unfavorable outcome for me became a very favorable outcome because of Ms. Geloo’ s tireless efforts and skillful use and knowledge of the nuances of traffic law in Northern Virginia. If I were ever in need of an attorney astute in traffic law, Ms. Geloo would be my first choice — and only choice!

  309. I highly recommend Andi Geloo, First phone call she immediately gave me suggestions on what I needed to accomplish to get a favorable outcome. She was extremely helpful in explaining the court process and my potential outcome. I had my reckless driving ticket reduced to defective equipment. Thanks again Ms.Geloo!!!

  310. I hired Andi after being pulled over going 80mph in a 55mph zone. The officer had only put it as speeding instead of reckless driving but the license point deduction was the same as reckless driving. Andi was super professional and was extremely communicative even during holidays! Andi was able to get an amazing resolution that resulted in no points being deducted. 10/10 stars would recommend to hire!

  311. I have excellent experience with Andi. One of best traffic attorneys in the area due to her professionalism and caring of clients. she had done excellent job in my case. Exceeded my expectations.
    She always following up with you, walk you through entire case and expectations in every details possible.
    TIP: An advice always do exactly what she asks you prior court date. This will help your case. I definitely recommend her.

  312. Andi Geloo is a truly kind hearted and professional person. She awarded me unexpected result! I am super happy with her service; and I totally recommend her to my friends, families or anyone. Thanks again Andi God bless you!

  313. Andi witnessed a judge deny me my right to counsel after I had requested a court appointed attorney. I was not only humiliated in that room that day but I left feeling completely defeated and this was just the beginning of my journey in FFX County Courts. Andi worked relentlessly to find me after I left the courtroom that day, and she did finally get in touch with me. She was an angel sent to me in a dark time of need. Andi has a heart of gold and I cannot praise her good work enough! She not only represented me in my case but she spoke up for me, especially when and where I did not have a voice. Yesterday all of my charges were dropped without prejudice! I have cried happy tears so much in the last 24 hours. This nightmare is over. I can never thank you enough, Andi! You’re an amazing person! Thank you so much for giving me a voice when I didn’t have one. ❤

  314. Andi saved me!! I got a reckless charge and I was very worried about it affecting school or possible future jobs. She got it brought down to the lowest speeding infraction possible. I was so relieved and happy with the outcome. She is an amazing lawyer who kept me up to date and gave me advice on what to do before court. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!

  315. This was the second time Andi represented me in a reckless driving charges i got for speeding. In both times, Andi was professional, responsive and truly had my best interest at all times. I will always recommend Andi to my friends and family. Will only call Andi if I get a speeding ticket.

  316. I hired Andi for the first time many years ago for a traffic case, and her results were phenominal. So recently when i got a reckless driving, she was the obvious choice! Not only is she super talented and the best at what she does, Andi is also the most professional and caring attorney you will ever have the pleasure of knowing ! She cares genuinly about her clients and works very passionaltely to get the best outcome for them. My Reckless charge was reduced to the lowest possible speeding charge thanks to her step by step guidance and hard work ! If youre looking for the absolute best, look no further and hire Andi !!

  317. i was facing a charge for reckless driving in VA and I chose Andi Geloo to represent me. She was absolutely amazing. She gave me very clear instructions on what to do to achieve the best outcome. She clearly explained me what should I expected and exactly what I need to do. She represented me in the court and achieved an excellent result of reducing the charge to a minor infarction of speeding. I would recommend Andi Geloo 100%!!

  318. Not just an attorney Andaleeb is a wonderful person trusting and she treats her clients like they are family, there’s not enough words I can say that would explain the help and support she has given and representing me for the past two cases. Thanks to Andaleeb I’ve been able to keep my license and walk away with both cases a happy client A+ attorney and friend

  319. Andi was great! She shared a lot of great resources leading up to the trial and was extremely persistent about getting the best outcome possible during the court appointment, all on a very affordable rate. You’re in good hands with her.

  320. Andi was a really good and nice lawyer , very easy to work with . This is my first time working with her and I couldn’t be happier than what the results turned out . She went after everything that i needed and did a very very great job on my case . I would definitely refer her to anyone that I know if they ever needed a good lawyer to help them

  321. Andi is a great attorney and worked on my case with a reckless driving case 87/50 that was reduced to failure to obey a highway sign. I was at risk of not getting promoted at my job and losing my clearance but she advocated for me and communicated constantly through email. Highly recommend if you get a ticket in VA. She is a rockstar!

  322. Andi is a very experienced and dedicated attorney that goes well above and beyond for her clients to secure the best outcome. Because of her hard work and devotion to this case, my son’s reckless driving charge (reckless 76/40) was basically dismissed and reduced to a 0 point violation (failure to pay time and attendance). If it wasn’t for her, he would have faced a very hefty fine, 6 demerit points and even possibly jail time. Not only did she secure the best outcome, but she did it all without us present at court. My son wasn’t able to attend due to being in school and I was on my way to a 10 day cruise. Again, she has done an outstanding job and I cannot thank her enough. We’ll definitely hire her again should anything like this happen in the future, which fingers crossed, I hope it wont. So, if you are on the fence of deciding whether to hire an attorney, let me tell you, she is worth it. Just call her and explain your case. She won’t charge for the initial consultation and will honestly tell you if your case is worth fighting for and give you a very realistic expectation as far as outcome.

  323. I was referred to Andi by my husband who was a client of Andi’s a couple years ago. She worked miracles for him with his reckless tickets, so it was obvious that I had to reach out to Andi. She is so kind and made me feel that everything was going go be ok. She replied super fast when i emailed her. She told me the things I needed to get done before my court date (make sure to complete all the tasks she tells you to do). She is brilliant and knows what she’s doing. I don’t usually write reviews but she deserves it and so much more. My reckless became defective equipment. My job was on the line because of this ticket but she made it her mission to go above and beyond. You see all these reviews, they are for a reason. She’s the best at what she does.

  324. I’m so thankful Andi Geloo was recommended to me. She made the process easy and was very personable. She definitely goes above and beyond to show she truly care for her clients. I left the courtroom extremely happy with the results. If you are fighting a tuff case I would definitely recommend her as representation.

  325. I highly recommend Ms. Geloo, she is a very experienced and dedicated attorney that goes well above and beyond for her clients to secure the best outcome. Because of her hard work and devotion to this case, my reckless driving charge (reckless 65/95) was changed to a speeding ticket and reduced to a 0-point violation. If it wasn’t for her, I would have faced a very hefty fine, 6 demerit points, and even possible jail time. Not only did she secure the best outcome. Again, she has done an outstanding job and I cannot thank her enough. I’ll definitely hire her again should anything like this happen in the future, but fingers crossed, I hope it won’t. So, if you are on the fence about deciding whether to hire an attorney, let me tell you, she is worth it. Just call her and explain your case. She won’t charge for the initial consultation and will honestly tell you if your case is worth fighting for and give you a very realistic expectation as far as outcome. She is the best lawyer, moreover, she has a wonderful personality. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ANDI!

  326. I was facing a reckless driving charge 83/55. This was my first offense and I was so nervous. Listen and follow everything she tells you do to. She got it dropped to a 0 point violation like it never happened. I highly recommend. She knows what she is doing and I am super happy about the outcome.

  327. Ms. Geloo is a fantastic lawyer with long experience in Traffic offenses. I highly recommend her services.
    She reduced a Reckless ticket to Defective equipment.
    Follow her instructions and you will not regret it.
    Thank you Andi, you are the best!

  328. I am so grateful for Andi and her work on my case. She was pivotal in reducing my reckless driving charge down to defective equipment, a result I didn’t consider possible. If you are in need of legal representation, you should definitely consider Andi. She will fight for the best possible outcome. Thank you again Andi!

  329. Andi Geloo is absolutely amazing & a great lawyer! To start off, Andi eased my anxiousness by promptly returning all of my emails/texts. She was clear & precise with answering my many questions & letting me know what I needed to do on my end in preparation for the trial. As for the trial, Andi believed in me & fought hard to have my charge completely dismissed! Please read up on Ms. Geloo’s successful fight to have disrespectful & unjust judges removed from the bench. At the same time, Andi has the same passion for common folks such as myself. I am so grateful & thankful I chose Andi Geloo to represent me. If you have a legal issue, I strongly recommend that you retain Andi Geloo’s professionalism, legal knowledge/expertise & court room passion!

  330. It was an honor to have Ms. Geloo represent me. I was charged with reckless driving 94/70 in Warren County. As a college student with a clean record prior, I was extremely nervous but she was able to assure me that I would be safe in her hands. She was incredibly understanding of my situation and was able to accommodate my needs financially. She also provided me with the next best steps in order to prepare for my court date. Her directions were very straight forward and she made sure to communicate with me in a timely manner, making me feel more secure in her hands. When the court date came, the original offer involved a reduction to speeding (6 points) and a fine of $500. She was able to convince the court to reduce it further to improper driving (3 points), the lowest moving violation in Virginia, and a fine of $250. I was so glad I didn’t have to worry about a misdemeanor on my criminal record as I am a college student who will be looking for a job soon. Anyone charged with reckless driving would be lucky to have Andi Geloo represent them.

  331. Ms.Andi Gloo was a fantastic lawyer , I was lucky that someone around the area told me about her. I was pulled over for reckless driving and I did not know what to do in the situation. It was my first time getting pulled over so I was nervous. But she gave me the information on what to do in order to try and knock it down. Luckily it got knock down to defective equipment. So if you ever get pulled over for reckless driving since it is a serious offense in Virginia, I would recommend Andi Gloo for the case.

  332. I just resolved my reckless driving ticket today and I really want to say “Thank you, Andi!”. She got my reckless driving ticket: speeding over 85 mph, which is a class 1 misdemeanor in Virginia, reduced to “fail to obey highway signs” (a minor traffic infraction). Don’t hesitate to hire her when you get such tickets.

    Don’t treat your speeding reckless driving ticket as a simple speeding ticket because it’s a misdemeanor instead of a minor traffic infraction (I knew I messed up when the officer told me I have go to the court when he gave me the ticket). You should prepare materials for the court as early as possible (driver record, 2 driving classes, community services, speedometer calibration). Do these and they will help.


  333. Andi isn’t just a professional well experienced and knowledgeable lawyer, she is a great human being, she handled my case as if I was family , she is confident and she fights for what’s right she is very passionate and she takes every detail seriously, never hesitate to hire her and have her fight for you

  334. Her law firm adeptly navigated through a stressful situation with a perfect blend of professionalism, approachability, and effectiveness.

    She clearly stated what her outlook on the case was, and offered sage advice of what I could do to further my case.

    Every question I had was met with clear and comprehensible explanations, leaving me with no uncertainty about the purpose and contents of the documentation provided.

    I would 100% in no uncertain terms, recommend Ms. Geloo for any legal cases moving forward.

  335. Ms. Andi Geloo is amazing and will fight for you to get the best result possible! I received a reckless driving charge for going 77 in a 50, and the charge was reduced to a Failure to Pay Full Time and Attention, which only resulted in a fine and nothing on record.
    Ms. Geloo guided me throughout the whole process and assured me that she would represent me better than any other attorney, which she did!
    I would recommend Ms. Geloo to any one going through a legal case.

  336. I am writing to express my utmost appreciation for the exceptional legal representation provided by Attorney Andi Geloo during a challenging situation I faced in the Summer of 2023. I had been pulled over by VA police for exceeding the 20 mph speed limit, an offense classified as reckless driving under the law.

    Andi Geloo took charge of my case with a well-thought-out master plan from the outset. Her strategic approach and mastery in representing me were evident throughout the entire process. As soon as she assumed my case, she provided me with a comprehensive list of necessary documents, guided me toward specific driver improvement courses, and directed me to obtain an odometer calibration for my car.

    What truly set Andi apart was her commitment to ensuring I was well-prepared for my court date. She offered clear and valuable guidance on every aspect, from advising on the appropriate attire to meticulous preparation for interactions with the judge. Her attention to detail and dedication to my case made me feel as if she were defending her own family member.

    During the actual hearing, Andi Geloo’s performance was nothing short of excellent. She adeptly utilized all the documentation I had provided, presenting my case in a manner that showcased her expertise and professionalism.

    The judge decided to reduce the reckless driving charge to a lesser offense of speeding.

    Andi Geloo’s skills as an attorney are truly commendable. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking dedicated and professional legal representation.

  337. I was referred to Andi during a challenging time when I received a Reckless Driving ticket in Prince William County. I was driving a friend’s car, which was unfamiliar to me, and was cited for driving at 89 mph in a 65 mph zone. Andi’s expertise and attention to detail were immediately apparent. She meticulously ensured no human errors in my case, and assured me she would handle everything. Following her advice, I completed traffic school in advance, leading to the dismissal of my case on the same day . Andi is more than a skilled lawyer; she is a compassionate individual who genuinely cares about her clients. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to have been referred to her and highly recommend her to anyone seeking expert legal guidance combined with a personal and thoughtful approach

  338. I was highly recommended by family members to hire Andi Geloo, to represent me for a traffic violation and I can confidently say that hiring Andi was the best decision. Not only was she an outstanding lawyer, but also an amazing friend. It’s been 5 years since my last traffic violation, so you can only imagine my distress and frustration when I was hit with a serious ticket. During the months leading up to my court date, Andi was by my side through it all. She took all the weight off my shoulders today and I’ll forever be grateful. Andi is generous, heartwarming, stunning, and very intellectual. Andi is also such a genuine human being and I feel that she is that kind of person you meet out in the world that leaves such an impression on you, it’ll restore your faith in humanity. From the first day to now, she’s done nothing but support me and keep me calm through this entire process and I couldn’t have chosen anyone else to get the job done and do it with pure intentions and care. I highly recommend to others needing a lawyer, to hire Andi and not think twice! I’ve also included her incredibly written and well thought out Op-Ed. She writes with raw emotions and is very informative, making her pieces very refreshing to read. Thank you will all my love Andi, you are truly an angel sent from Heaven and a person I will continue to look up to, you’re an extraordinary woman!

  339. I am unable to truly convey how strongly I recommend Andi Geloo. She is one of the kindest individuals I have ever come across. However, don’t let that fool you. Andi is an incredibly strong and gifted litigator. She is very detailed and will walk you through the process to get you the best possible outcome. She has moxy in abundance and knows the system. I retained her to represent me for a Reckless Driving charge, as well as a Failure to Obey sign violation. The outcomes for both cases were far beyond any expectation I had. Andi was able to get the Reckless charge reduced to a Defective Equipment violation with ZERO points levied on my license. That is a non-moving violation. For the Failure to Obey sign case, she was able to get that completely DISMISSED with only court costs, and again, ZERO points on my license.
    When we find ourselves in the position of needing representation, we want results. Andi Geloo delivers those results and will treat you like family in doing so. I am beyond satisfied, and cannot recommend her strongly enough!

  340. Andi is an exceptional lawyer, and my experience with her surpassed all expectations. From the outset, Andi’s warm and empathetic demeanor immediately reassured me. Throughout our correspondence via email and a Saturday phone call dedicated to addressing my concerns, she consistently demonstrated her dedication to my case.
    Andi not only answered every query I had thoroughly and comprehensively but also went above and beyond by providing additional insights and suggestions to bolster my case. Upon hiring her, her responsiveness remained unparalleled, leaving me with no lingering doubts or uncertainties. Leading up to the court date, I meticulously followed her guidance, and on the day of the hearing, she was there as promised, offering unwavering support.
    In the end, Andi achieved an outcome that far exceeded my expectations. Reflecting back, it’s still surreal to comprehend that she got my reckless speeding over 85 mph down to a non-moving violation and zero point offense. I am immensely grateful for Andi’s expertise, professionalism, and genuine care throughout this process. Without hesitation, I highly recommend her services to anyone in need of legal representation.

  341. If you are looking for an attorney because you want to fight a ticket or reckless driving citation, Andi Geloo is who you want. Granted you have to do your part as well and follow all the instructions Ms. Geloo asks of you, and she will get you a great result, I promise. Money well spent.

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